September 30 Weather History

...1835... Northern New England and southern Quebec were hit by a early season snowstorm. Kilkenny, New Hampshire received 6 inches and Hatley, Quebec recorded 10 inches.

...1882... Central Park in New York City concluded its wettest month ever with 16.85 inches of rain.

...1951... The morning low temperature fell to 35 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island.

...1959... Three tornadoes spawned by the remnants of Hurricane Gracie killed 12 persons at Ivy VA.

...1961... An early season snowfall occurred over the Northern Plains with the greatest total (4 inches) falling in the New Ulm- Mankato area in Minnesota. Omaha, Nebraska had its first September snow in 70 years.

...1970... A nineteen month drought in southern California came to a climax. The drought, which made brush and buildings tinder dry, set up the worst fire conditions in California history as hot Santa Anna winds sent the temperature soaring to 105 degrees at Los Angeles, and to 97 degrees at San Diego. During that last week of September whole communities of interior San Diego County were consumed by fire. Half a million acres were burned, and the fires caused fifty million dollars damage.

...1971... Hurricane Ginger was a storm with no place to go! -- since its formation on September 5th, it had been wandering around in the western and central Atlantic Ocean until landfall near Morehead City, North Carolina on this date. It never was a particularly strong hurricane at any point with winds peaking at 105 mph but it was a hurricane for 20 days and was tracked until October 5th when it finally dissipated after moving back out over the western Atlantic. Ginger was tracked as a tropical system for 31 days -- a new record for Atlantic storms. The 20 days as a hurricane set a new record as well.

...1972... The barometer dipped to 29.29 inches at Newport, Rhode Island.

...1977... The temperature at Wichita Falls TX soared to 108 degrees to establish a record for September.

...1985... An early season snowstorm covered much of the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota with 7 to 9 inches of snow. Some snow depths reported for the event, which ended on October 1st, were 7 inches at Babbitt and Aurora, 7.5 inches at Isabella, and 8.5 inches at Poplar Lake. Records are not kept for this area, but this is believed to be the most snow ever for this area in September.

...1986... Thunderstorms, which had inundated northern sections of Oklahoma with heavy rain, temporarily shifted southward producing 4 to 8 inches rains from Shawnee to Stilwell. Baseball size hail and 80 mph winds ripped through parts of southeast Oklahoma City, and thunderstorm winds caused more than half a million dollars damage at Shawnee.

...1987... Afternoon thunderstorms in Michigan produced hail an inch in diameter at Pinckney, and wind gusts to 68 mph at Wyandotte. A thunderstorm in northern Indiana produced wet snow at South Bend. Seven cities in the northwestern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including readings of 98 degrees at Medford OR and 101 degrees at downtown Sacramento CA.

...1988... Unseasonably warm weather prevailed over Florida, and in the western U.S. The afternoon high of 94 degrees at Fort Myers FL was their tenth record high for the month. Highs of 98 degrees at Medford OR and 99 degrees at Fresno CA were records for the date, and the temperature at Borrego Springs CA soared to 108 degrees.

...1989... Thirteen cities reported record high temperatures for the date, as readings soared into the upper 80s and 90s from the Northern and Central High Plains Region to Minnesota. Bismarck ND reported a record high of 95 degrees, and the temperature reached 97 degrees at Broadus MT. Afternoon thunderstorms developing along a cold front produced wind gusts to 60 mph at Wendover UT.

...1992... The past month was the coldest September ever recorded in interior Alaska. Fairbanks averaged a frigid 31.7 degrees which was 13.2 degrees below normal and the first below freezing September ever. Beginning on the 9th and on every day for the rest of the month, a new cold record was set for either low minimums or low maximums, or both. On this date, the city plunged to 3 degrees to set a new all-time record low for September. Snowfall for the month totaled 24.4 inches which was more than three times the previous record for September. The late summer snows never melted. Plant foliage, still summer green, was frozen into place and week long power outages were widespread as whole trees bent over onto power lines due to the weight of the heavy snow. -Burlington, Vermont recorded 0.1 inches of snow on the date -- the first measurable September snow on record for the city.

...2001... Phoenix, Arizona had an average temperature for the month of 92.2 degrees -- the city's hottest September on record.

...2004... Driven mostly by outbreaks from Hurricanes Frances and Ivan, 279 tornadoes were recorded for the month -- by far the most tornadoes ever to occur in September in the U.S. -West Palm Beach, Florida had its wettest month on record -- 29.40 inches. Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne contributed most to the total.

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