September 24 Weather History

...1888... The earliest frost of record hit the southern states, covering South Carolina, Georgia and, northern Florida.

...1926... The temperature at Yellowstone Park dipped to nine degrees below zero. It was the coldest reading of record in the U.S. during September. Severe freezes were widespread over the northwestern U.S. causing great crop destruction. In Washington State, Spokane County experienced their earliest snow of record. Harney Branch Experiment Station in Oregon reported a temperature of 2 degrees above zero to establish a state record for the month of September.

...1950... A smoke pall from western Canada forest fires covered much of the eastern U.S. Daylight was reduced to nighttime darkness in parts of the Northeast. The color of the sun varied from pink to purple, , or lavender. Yellow to grey-tan was common. (24th-30th)

...1972... Lightning struck a man near Waldport OR, a young man who it so happens was carrying thirty-five pieces of dynamite.

...1984... Bismarck, North Dakota had a record early season snowfall of 5 inches -- the heaviest September snowfall for the city.

...1985... The central pressure of Hurricane Gloria bottomed out at 918.6 millibars (27.13 inches) in the western Atlantic near 24.5N/ 70.5W. No previous hurricane on record in this part of the Atlantic had ever been this intense. Winds at the time as as recorded by a reconnaissance aircraft were measured sustained at 156 mph. The media immediately declared Gloria the "killer storm of the century" and basically had the entire East Coast of the U.S. preparing for atmospheric Armageddon. Tropical storm Henri died out on the eastern tip of eastern Long Island.  Newport, Rhode Island received .18 inches of rain, wind gust of 27 miles per hour and a low barometer of 29.63 inches.

...1986... A strong tornado (F2) touched down near Vina, California. A mobile home was destroyed and 11 other buildings was damaged or demolished. 50 acres of walnut orchards were flattened as well.

...1987... The first full day of autumn proved to be a pleasant one for much of the nation, with sunny skies and mild temperatures. Thunderstorms again formed over Florida and the southwestern deserts, and also formed along a cold front in the northeastern U.S. A storm spotter at Earp CA sighted a couple of funnel clouds, one on the California side of the state line, and the other on the Arizona side.

...1988... Thunderstorms developing along a stationary front produced large hail and damaging winds in the southeastern U.S., with reports of severe weather most numerous in North Carolina. Golf ball size hail was reported at Tick Creek and a number of other locations in North Carolina.

...1989... Forty-seven cities between the Rockies and the Appalachians reported record low temperatures for the date. Lows of 38 degrees at Abilene TX, 34 degrees at Jackson KY, and 36 degrees at Midland TX established records for the month of September. The low of 36 degrees at Midland smashed their previous record for the date by thirteen degrees. Fayetteville AR and Springfield MO reported their earliest freeze of record. Thunderstorms produced torrential rains in northeastern Florida. Jacksonville was deluged with 11.40 inches of rain, and flash flooding resulted in two deaths.

...2000... Remnants of Tropical Storm Helene passed well to the southeast of Newport, Rhode Island, .08 inches of rain fell, 23 mile per hour gust and a barometer of 29.69 inches.

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