September 20 Weather History

...1845... A tornado traveled 275 miles across Lake Ontario, New York and Lake Champlain.

...1909.. A strong hurricane made landfall in southeastern Louisiana. A 15 foot storm surge flooded the Timbalier Bay area. 350 people perished and total damage was $5 million

...1926... A hurricane which hit Miami FL on the 18th, pounded Pensacola with wind gusts to 152 mph. Winds raged in excess of 100 mph for four hours, and above 75 mph for 20 hours.

...1960... Newport, Rhode Island was deluged with 7.81 inches in heavy thunderstorms, setting the all time record high daily rainfall.  1.65 inches fell in one hour.

...1967... Hurricane Beulah struck southern Texas with gusts to 136 mph in the Brownsville area. The pressure dropped to 951 millibars (28.08 inches) at the Brownsville Weather Office. The storm was a very slow mover and dumped excessive rainfall into the 24th. Pettus checked in with a storm total of 27.38 inches. The hurricane also produced 115 tornadoes in south Texas, the greatest number of tornadoes ever spawned by a single hurricane. 13 people were killed and damage was set at $200 million.

...1979... The morning low temperature fell to 38 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island.

...1983... The temperature at West Yellowstone MT plunged to six degrees below zero, while the temperature at San Francisco CA soared to 94 degrees.

...1984... 4 days of heavy rains finally came to an end over extreme southern Texas. Port Isabel recorded a total of 21.27 inches of rain while Brownsville checked in with 15.19 inches. The Brownsville International Airport was closed for 4 days due to the extensive flooding. Total damage from the flooding was 30 million dollars.

...1987... Afternoon and evening thunderstorms produced severe weather in Oklahoma and west Texas. In Oklahoma, a thunderstorm at Seiling produced three inches of rain in one hour, golf ball size hail, and wind gusts to 60 mph which collapsed a tent at the state fair injuring nine persons. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

...1988... Showers and thunderstorms produced locally heavy rains in central Wyoming, and snow in some of the higher elevations. Casper WY reported 1.75 inches of rain in 24 hours, and a thunder- storm north of the Wild Horse Reservoir produced 1.90 inches of rain in just forty minutes.

...1989... Hugo jilted Iris. Hurricane Hugo churned toward the South Atlantic Coast, gradually regaining strength along the way. Tropical Storm Iris got too close to Hugo, and began to weaken. A cold front brought strong and gusty winds to the Great Basin and the Southern Plateau Region, with wind gusts to 44 mph reported at Kingman AZ.

...2005... Hurricane Rita tracked through the Florida Straits and just south of the Florida Keys. Winds were sustained at tropical storm force at Key West, where peak winds gusted to 76 mph.

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