September 15 Weather History

...1752... A great hurricane produced a tide along the South Carolina coast which nearly inundated downtown Charleston. However, just before the tide reached the city, a shift in the wind caused the water level to drop five feet in ten minutes.

...1895... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island fell to 40 degrees, setting the record low temperature for the date.

...1904... The remnants of Hurricane # 2 passed over Block Island, Rhode Island. Newport, Rhode Island recorded .95 inches of rain, a wind gust of 43 miles per hour.

...1910... Rains of .27 inch on the 14th and .73 inch on the 15th were the earliest and heaviest of record for Fresno CA, which, along with much of California, experiences a "rainy season" in the winter.

...1939... The temperature at Detroit MI soared to 100 degrees to establish a record for September. (The Weather Channel)

...1945... A category 4 hurricane with winds of 135 mph and 28.02 inches (949 millibars) central pressure made landfall over Dade County in south Florida. Peak gusts hit 150 mph at Homestead and 107 mph at Miami. 200 people were injured at the Army Air Base in Homestead when a fire ignited during the storm, affecting three hangars and destroying 25 blimps, 366 planes, and 150 automobiles. 1632 residences were destroyed and 5372 were damaged across the state. 4 people were killed and damages total $54 million.

...1961... Tropical Storm # 6 made landfall in central Connecticut  Newport, Rhode Island received 1.51 inches of rain, a low barometer reading of 29.38 inches and a high wind gust of 43 miles per hour.

...1966... It was a stormy day at Newport, Rhode Island. 2.26 inches of rain fell, wind gust of 34 miles per hour and a low barometer of 29.19, a record for the date.

...1982... A snowstorm over Wyoming produced 16.9 inches at Lander to establish a 24 hour record for September for that location. (13th5th)

...1984... Remnants of Tropical Storm Diana brushed Newport, Rhode Island with 1.08 inches of rain, a low barometer of 29.63 inches and a wind gust of 29 miles per hour.

...1987... The first snow of the season was observed at the Winter Park ski resort in Colorado early in the day. Eight inches of snow was reported at the Summit of Mount Evans, along with wind gusts to 61 mph. Early morning thunderstorms in Texas produced up to six inches of rain in Real County. Two occupants of a car drowned, and the other six occupants were injured as it was swept into Camp Wood Creek, near the town of Leakey. Late afternoon and evening thunderstorms produced severe weather in central and northeastern Oklahoma. Wind gusts to 70 mph and golf ball size hail were reported around Oklahoma City OK.

...1988... Thunderstorms brought much needed rains to parts of the central U.S. Rainfall totals of 2.87 inches at Sioux City IA and 4.59 inches at Kansas City MO were records for the date. Up to eight inches of rain deluged the Kansas City area, nearly as much rain as was received the previous eight months. Hurricane Gilbert, meanwhile, slowly churned toward the U.S./Mexican border.

...1989... Showers and thunderstorms produced locally heavy rain in the Central Appalachians. Virgie VA received 2.60 inches of rain during the evening hours, and Bartlett TN was deluged with 2.75 inches in just ninety minutes. Heavy rain left five cars partially submerged in high water in a parking lot at Bulls Gap TN. Thunderstorms over central North Carolina drenched the Fayetteville area with four to eight inches of rain between 8 PM and midnight. Flash flooding, and a couple of dam breaks, claimed the lives of two persons, and caused ten million dollars damage. Hugo, churning over the waters of the Caribbean, strengthened to the category of a very dangerous hurricane, packing winds of 150 mph.

...1999... At Newport, Rhode Island the barometric pressure fell to 29.19 inches of mercury, breaking the old record of 29.38 inches set in 1961.

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