September 13 Weather History

...1922... The temperature at El Azizia in Libyia soared to 136 degrees to establish a world record. To make matters worse, a severe ghibi (dust storm) was in progress.

...1928... Hurricane San Felipe crossed Puerto Rico resulting in the highest winds, the heaviest rains, and the greatest destruction in years. The hurricane produced much damage in the Virgin Islands, and later hit the Bahamas and Florida.

...1943... At Newport, Rhode Island the low temperature dipped to 43 degrees, breaking the old record of 48 degrees set back in 1898.

...1952... The temperature rose to 88 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, shattering the previous record of 82 degrees set in 1947.

...1984... Hurricane Diana, after making a complete loop off the Carolina coast, made landfall and moved across eastern North Carolina. Diana deluged Cape Fear with more than eighteen inches of rain, and caused 78 million dollars damage in North Carolina.

...1987... Showers and thunderstorms produced heavy rain in the northeastern U.S. Flooding was reported in Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Greenwood NY received 6.37 inches of rain. A dike along a creek at Prattsburg NY gave way and a two million dollar onion crop left on the ground to dry was washed away. Newport, Rhode Island received 2.87 inches, breaking the old record of 1.85 inches set back in 1944..  The prolonged rains in the eastern U.S. finally came to an end late in the day as a cold front began to push the warm and humid air mass out to sea.

...1988... Hurricane Gilbert smashed into the Cayman Islands, and as it headed for the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico strengthened into a monster hurricane, packing winds of 175 mph. The barometric pressure at the center of Gilbert reached 26.13 inches (888 mb), an all-time record for any hurricane in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, or the Atlantic Ocean. Gilbert covered much of the Gulf of Mexico, producing rain as far away as the Florida Keys.

...1989... Unseasonably cool weather prevailed over the Central Plains Region, with a record low of 29 degrees at North Platte NE. Unseasonably warm weather prevailed across the Pacific Northwest, with a record high of 96 degrees at Eugene OR. Thunderstorms over south Texas produced wind gusts to 69 mph at Del Rio, and two inches of rain in two hours.

...1993... A strong, winter-type storm moving through the Rockies and the western High Plains produced record early season snowfall. Denver, Colorado recorded 5.4 inches of snow for its greatest snowstorm ever for so early in the season, after reaching 92 degrees the day before. The same record was also set at both Cheyenne, Wyoming and Scottsbluff, Nebraska with 5.5 and 2.5 inches of snow, respectively.

...2008... South Bend, Indiana recorded 6.58 inches of rain on this day for the city's biggest daily rainfall on record.

...2009... .86 inches of rain fell in one hour at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the previous record of .53 inches set in 1987.

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