September 11 Weather History

...1897... The high temperature peaked at 90 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, setting the record high temperature for the date.  It was later tied in 1931 and 1983.

...1949... An early snowstorm brought 7.5 inches to Helena MT. In Maine, a storm drenched New Brunswick with 8.05 inches of rain in 24 hours, a state record.

...1950... Hurricane Dog passed well to the south of southern New England. Newport, Rhode Island ended up witha wind gust of 45 mile per hour, .40 inches of rain and a low barometer of 29.69 inches.

...1954... As if Hurricane Carol wasn't enough, New England was blasted by Hurricane Edna. Winds on Martha's Vineyard gusted to 120 mph and the pressure plunged to 954 millibars (28.17 inches). Winds at Newport, Rhode Island gusted to 98 miles per hour, breaking the record of 44 miles per hour set in 1950, rainfall of 4.37 inches, breaking the old record of 2.09 inches set in 1927 (.91 inches of rain in one hour recorded) and a low barometer of 28.66 inches, breaking the old record of 29.50 set in 1937..  Boston reported sustained winds of 74 mph with a peak gust of 87 mph. Over 8 inches of rain was recorded at Portland, Maine. 21 people were killed and damage was set at $40 million -- rather low but there was little left to destroy after Carol.

...1961... Very large and slow moving Hurricane Carla made landfall near Port Lavaca TX. Carla battered the central Texas coast with wind gusts to 175 mph, and up to 16 inches of rain, and spawned a vicious tornado which swept across Galveston Island killing eight persons. The hurricane claimed 45 lives, and caused 300 million dollars damage. The remnants of Carla produced heavy rain in the Lower Missouri Valley and southern sections of the Upper Great Lakes Region.

...1976... Up to five inches of rain brought walls of water and millions of tons of debris into Bullhead City AZ via washes from elevations above 3000 feet. Flooding caused more than three million dollars damage. Chasms up to forty feet deep were cut across some roads.

...1980... The low temperature dipped to 42 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the old record of 45 degrees set in 1913 and 1953.  The humidity was a low 26 percent, breaking that record of 33 percent that was set in 1966..

...1983... At Newport, Rhode Island the latest 90 plus degree day for any year occurred on this day (90 degrees).

...1986... Thunderstorms caused flash flooding and subsequent river flooding in central Lower Michigan. Up to 14 inches of rain fell in a 72 hour period, and flooding caused 400 million dollars damage.

...1987... Late afternoon and evening thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds in Texas, and spawned three tornadoes. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 70 mph at Goodnight TX.

...1988... Snow blanketed parts of the Central Rocky Mountain Region and the Central Plateau, with ten inches reported at Mount Evans in Colorado. Smoke from forest fires in the northwestern U.S. reached Pennsylvania and New York State. Hurricane Gilbert, moving westward over the Caribbean, was packing winds of 100 mph by the end of the day.

...1989... Nine cities in the north central U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Havre MT with a reading of 23 degrees. Livingston MT and West Yellowstone MT tied for honors as the cold spot in the nation with morning lows of 17 degrees. Thunderstorms produced hail over the Sierra Nevada Range of California, with two inches reported on the ground near Donner Summit. The hail made roads very slick, resulting in a twenty car accident.

...1990... The high temperature recorded in Phoenix, Arizona was 112 degrees. This temperature set a new record for the highest temperature for so late in the season at this location

...1992... Hurricane Iniki, the strongest hurricane ever recorded to strike the Hawaiian Islands, crossed the island of Kauai with sustained winds of 130 mph and a central pressure of 945 millibars (27.91 inches). Wind gusts reached 143 mph at Makahuena Point and 129 mph at the Lihue Weather Service office. A storm surge of 6 feet and 35 foot waves battered coastal areas of southern Kauai. 1421 homes were destroyed and 5152 homes suffered major damage on Kauai alone. 3 people were killed, 100 were injured, and damage was estimated at 1.8 billion dollars.

...2002... Remnants of Hurricane Gustav passed to the southeast of southern New England, At Newport, Rhode Island winds gusted to 45 miles per hour and low barometer of 29.20 inches.

...2008... Lubbock, Texas recorded 7.46 inches of rain on this day for its greatest daily rainfall total ever. The same record was set at Colorado Springs, Colorado with 4.29 inches

...2013... At Newport, Rhode Island the dew point rose to a sticky 76 degrees, breaking the record of 74 degrees set back in 1989.

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