September 7 Weather History

...1881... It was the hottest September day for many stations in the Northeast with high readings of 102 degrees at Boston, Massachusetts, 101 degrees at New York City, 100 degrees at New Haven, Connecticut, and 104 degrees at Washington, DC.

...1888... Much of the Middle and Northern Atlantic Coast Region experienced freezing temperatures. Killer frosts resulted in a million dollars damage to crops in Maine.

...1909... Topeka KS was drenched with 8.08 inches of rain in 24 hours to establish a record for that location. (6th- 7th)

...1970... A lightning bolt struck a group of football players at Gibbs High School in Saint Petersburg FL, killing two persons and injuring 22 others. All the thirty-eight players and four coaches were knocked off their feet.

...1987... Showers and thunderstorms produced 4 to 8 inch rains in three to six hours in Virginia, with totals across the state for the Labor Day weekend ranging up to fourteen inches. The Staunton River crested at 34.44 feet at Altavista on the 8th, its highest level since 1940. Damage due to flooding was estimated at seven million dollars around Bedford, Henry, and Franklin.

...1988... Fifty cities across the eastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date. The low of 56 degrees at Mobile AL was their coolest reading of record for so early in the season. The mercury dipped to 31 degrees at Athens OH, and to 30 degrees at Thomas WV.

...1989... Thunderstorms in the central U.S. produced four inches of rain at Texamah overnight, and up to six inches of rain in southwestern Iowa. Evening thunderstorms in eastern Colorado produced golf ball size hail at Clear Creek and at Nederland. Late evening thunder- storms in Iowa drenched Harlan with more than four inches of rain.

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