October 28 Weather History

...1903... A trace of snow fell on this day at Newport, Rhode Island, the only snow recorded for the date (since 1893)

...1936... The temperature at Layton NJ dipped to 9 above zero to establish a state record for the month of October.

...1971... A severe early season blizzard raged across the Plateau Region and Rocky Mountain Region. Heavy snow blocked railroads and interstate highways, and record cold accompanied the storm. Lander WY received 27 inches of snow, and the temperature at Big Piney WY plunged to 15 degrees below zero.

...1987... Thunderstorms over the San Joaquin Valley of California produced three-quarters of an inch of rain in thirty minutes at Placerville, and caused numerous power outages due to lightning. Rain began to diminish in the northeastern U.S., but some flooding continued in Vermont, eastern New York and northern New Jersey. One inch rains in Vermont clogged culverts and sewers with fallen leaves, resulting in erosion of dirt roads. At Newport, Rhode Island 2.77 inches of rain fell for the day, .48 inches in one hour.

...1988... Arctic cold invaded the north central U.S. Valentine NE dipped to 8 degrees, and Cutbank MT reported a morning low of one degree above zero. The temperature at Estes Park CO dipped to 15 degrees, but then soared thirty degrees in less than thirty minutes.

...1989... A storm crossing the western U.S. produced 10 to 20 inches of snow across northern and central Wyoming, with 22 inches reported at Burgess Junction. Seven cities in the Lower Ohio Valley and the Upper Great Lakes Region reported record high temperatures for the date as readings again warmed into the 70s. Alpena MI reported a record high of 75 degrees.

...1991... Yakima, Washington recorded 2.4 inches of snow. This equaled the record amount of snowfall in October. The last time 2.4 inches of snow fell in October was on October 31, 1973.

...2008... Record early snows occurred in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This was primary an elevation snowstorm. 25.6 inches was recorded at Roxbury, New York and 21 inches at Redfield, New York. 17 inches fell at Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. The 14 inches at High Point, New Jersey set a new state October snowfall record.

...2015... The remnants of Hurricane Patricia affected Newport, Rhode Island with 1.52 inches of rain, low barometer of 29.49 inches and a high wind gust of 39 miles per hour.

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