October 20 Weather History

...1770... An exceedingly great storm struck eastern New England causing extensive coastal damage from Massachusetts to Maine, and the highest tide in 47 years.

...1927... The barometer bottomed out at 29.05 inches at Newport, Rhode Island, setting a record for the date.

...1952... Central Park in New York City had its earliest measurable snowfall with 1/2 inch falling.

...1961... Remnants of Tropical Storm Gerda passed to the east of Cape Cod and affected Newport, Rhode Island with .13 inches of rain, a wind gust of 39 miles per hour and a low barometer of 29.54 inches over a 3 day period.

...1972... A trace of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island, setting the record for the date.

...1983... Remnants of Pacific Hurricane Tico caused extensive flooding in central and south central Oklahoma. Oklahoma City set daily rainfall records with 1.45 inch on the 19th, and 6.28 inches on the 20th. (17th-21st)

...1987... Cold arctic air invaded the Upper Midwest, and squalls in the Lake Superior Snowbelt produced heavy snow in eastern Ashland County and northern Iron County of Wisconsin. Totals ranged up to 18 inches at Mellen. In the western U.S., the record high of 69 degrees at Seattle WA was their twenty-fifth of the year, their highest number of record highs for any given year. Bakersfield CA reported a record 146 days in a row with daily highs 80 degrees or above.

...1988... Unseasonably warm weather continued in the western U.S. In California, afternoon highs of 96 degrees at Redding and Red Bluff were records for the date.

...1989... Forty-nine cities reported record low temperatures for the date as readings dipped into the 20s and 30s across much of the south central and southeastern U.S. Lows of 32 degrees at Lake Charles LA and 42 degrees at Lakeland FL were records for October, and Little Rock AR reported their earliest freeze of record. Snow blanketed the higher elevations of Georgia and the Carolinas. Melbourne FL dipped to 47 degrees shortly before midnight to surpass the record low established that morning. Showers and thunderstorms brought heavy rain to parts of the northeastern U.S. Autumn leaves on the ground clogged drains and ditches causing flooding. Up to 4.10 inches of rain soaked southern Vermont in three days. Flood waters washed 600 feet of railroad track, resulting in a train derailment.

...1996... New England was in the middle of a four day nor'easter which dumped tremendous rainfall totals, especially over eastern sections. 19.19 inches of rain fell at Camp Ellis, Maine. 13.03 inches was recorded at Newburyport, Massachusetts. Portland, Maine set a new all-time 24 hour rainfall record with 13.32 inches. Other rainfall totals included 17.21 inches at Sanford, Maine, 12.23 inches at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 11.21 inches at Bedford, Massachusetts, and 7.92 inches at Boston, Massachusetts. The storm tapped moisture from Hurricane Lili, far to the southeast over the Atlantic, which contributed to the excessive rainfall. The nor'easter also produced high winds along coastal sections. A wind gust to 81 mph was recorded at Little Compton, Rhode Island. At Newport, Rhode Island , 3.31 inches of rain fell and recorded a wind gust of 43 miles per hour.  One person was killed and total damage was over 50 million dollars.

...2003... Seattle, Washington was soaked with 5.02 inches of rain on this day -- by far its greatest single daily rainfall total on record.

...2004... 9.78 inches of rain fell in 24 hours at Mount Charleston, Nevada for the state's heaviest 24 hour rainfall on record.

...2012... At Newport, Rhode Island a very strong thunderstorm just after midnight resulted in .82 inches of rain in one hour, setting a record for the date and 7th highest for October.

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