October 11 Weather History

...1846... A very intense hurricane (pressure down to 27.06 inches at Havana, Cuba) caused great destruction on the Florida Keys. Key West was virtually destroyed. 5 feet of water was reported in the city. Fort Taylor was reduced to a mass of ruins.

...1925... Widespread early season snows fell in the northeastern U.S., with as much as two feet in New Hampshire and Vermont. The heavy snow blocked roads and cancelled football games.

...1954... Chicago, Illinois was deluged with 6.72 inches of rain in 48 hours with one unofficial reading of 10 inches. The Chicago River flooded resulting in 10 million dollars damage

...1956... The low temperature daily record was set at Newport, Rhode Island with a morning low of 27 degrees.

...1987... More than thirty cities in the Upper Midwest reported record low temperatures for the date, including Waterloo IA and Scottsbluff NE where the mercury dipped to 16 degrees. Tropical Storm Floyd brought heavy rain to southern Florida, moisture from Hurricane Ramon produced heavy rain in southern California, and heavy snow blanketed the mountains of New York State and Vermont.

...1988... Low pressure brought gale force winds to the Great Lakes Region, with snow and sleet reported in some areas. Unseasonably warm weather prevailed in the north central U.S. The mercury hit 84 degrees at Cutbank MT and Worland WY. The temperature at Gunnison CO soared from a morning low of 12 degrees to a high of 66 degrees.

...1989... Much of the nation enjoyed "Indian Summer" type weather. Nine cities in the central U.S. reported record highs for the date as temperatures warmed into the 80s and 90s. Record highs included 90 degrees at Grand Island NE and 97 degrees at Waco TX. Strong winds along a cold front crossing the Northern High Plains Region gusted to 80 mph at Ames Monument WY during the early morning.

...2008... Lander, Wyoming was in the middle of a three day snowstorm over which time 29.7 inches of snow fell -- the city's greatest October snowstorm on record.

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