November 30 Weather History

...1875... A severe early season cold wave set November records in the northeastern U.S. The temperature dipped to 5 above zero at New York City, 2 below at Boston MA, and 13 below at Eastport ME.

...1898... 7.9 inches of snow fell on Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 3.2 inches set two years earlier in 1896.

...1957... Lee slope winds enhanced by Hurricane Nina gusted to 82 mph at Honolulu, Hawaii, a record wind gust for that location. Wainiha, on the island of Kauai, was deluged with 20.42 inches of rain, and 35 foot waves pounded some Kauai beaches, even though the eye of the hurricane was never within 120 miles of the islands. (30th-1st)

...1963... A wind gust of 68 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 57 miles per hour set in 1944.

...1964... A cold wave set new November temperature records of 17 degrees below zero at Minneapolis, Minnesota and 3 degrees below zero at Springfield, Illinois.

...1967... A record November snowstorm struck the Washington D.C. area. It produced up to a foot of snow in a 12 hour period.

...1976... MacLeod Harbor AK reported a precipitation total for November of 70.99 inches, which established a state record for any month of the year.

...1987... Showers produced heavy rain in the northeastern U.S. Up to three inches of rain drenched the Brandywine Creek Basin of Pennsylvania, and rainfall totals in Vermont ranged up to two inches at Dorsett. Snow fell heavily across Upper Michigan as gale force winds prevailed over Lake Superior. A storm moving into the northwestern U.S. produced gale force winds along the northern and central Pacific coast.

...1988... Snow in the Upper Great Lakes Region pushed the precipitation total for the month at Marquette MI past their previous November record of 7.67 inches. Santa Anna winds in southern California gusted to 75 mph at Laguna Peak.

...1989... Squalls produced heavy snow in the Lower Great Lakes Region, with 15 inches reported at Chaffee NY and at Barnes Corners NY. Tropical Storm Karen drenched parts of Cuba with heavy rain. Punta Del Este reported fourteen inches of rain in 24 hours.

...1991... The total snowfall for Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota for this month was 46.9 inches, making November 1991 the snowiest November on record. The old record was 30.4 inches set in 1983. The 46.9 inches for the month broke an even bigger record as this total was the greatest monthly snowfall of any month. The old all-time monthly snowfall record was 46.4 inches for January 1982. To put this in perspective, the total snowfall for the season so far, since October, was 55.1 inches. the normal total for the entire winter season is 49.2 inches! -- and the official start of winter was still 3 weeks away!

...1992... The 1988 record didn't last long as 146 tornadoes were reported across the U.S. during the past month to set a new November record.

...2001... Central Park in New York City recorded its warmest November on record. The average temperature for the month was 52.7 degrees. The old record was 52.5 degrees set in 1979. -Buffalo, New York had its first snowless November in its 122 years of record. This was in stark contrast to 2000 when the city was buried under 45.6 inches of snow for the month - a record for November.

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