November 29 Weather History

...1896... The mercury plunged to 51 degrees below zero at Havre MT. It marked the culmination of a two week long cold wave caused by a stagnate high pressure area similar to those over Siberia during the winter. During the month of November temperatures across Montana and the Dakotas averaged 15 to 25 degrees below normal.

...1945... 2.55 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 1.22 inches set back in 1913.

...1963... The barometer bottomed out at 28.93 inches at Newport, Rhode Island, setting the record for the date.

...1969... Dense fog along the Jersey Turnpike resulted in a chain reaction of vehicle collisions during the morning rush hour. A propane truck jackknifed and was struck by a trailer truck, and other vehicles piled into the fiery mass.

...1975... Red River was buried under 34 inches of snow in 24 hours, establishing a record for the state of New Mexico.

...1985... The temperature at Bismarck ND plunged to 30 degrees below zero to establish their record low for the month of November. The high that day was 4 degrees below zero.

...1987... Snow blanketed the Upper Mississippi Valley, with heavy snow reported near Lake Superior. Up to ten inches of snow was reported in Douglas County and Bayfield County of Wisconsin. Brule WI received nine inches of snow. Heavy rain soaked the Middle Atlantic Coast States, while gale force winds lashed the coastline. Flooding was reported in Maryland and Virginia.

...1988... Nine inches of snow at Alta UT brought their total for the month to 164 inches, surpassing their previous November record of 144 inches. Snowbird UT, also in the Little Cottonwood Valley, surpassed their November record of 118 inches of snow.

...1989... Strong Santa Ana winds diminished over southern California, but record cold was reported in some of the California valleys, with readings of 27 degrees at Redding and 31 degrees at Bakersfield. Gale force winds, gusting to 44 mph at Milwaukee WI, produced snow squalls in the Great Lakes Region. Sault Ste Marie MI finished the month of November with a record 46.8 inches of snow.

...1991... An F4 tornado tracked 10 miles from Nixa to Springfield, Missouri, killing 2 people, injuring 64, and doing over $15 million in damages.

...1998... Tropical Storm Nicole strengthened to a hurricane in the eastern Atlantic. This brought the total number of hurricanes to 33 for the four year period of 1995-1998 -- the most hurricanes on record in a four year period in the Atlantic Ocean.

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