November 28 Weather History

...1898... Newport, Rhode Island woke up to a 12 inch snow depth, setting the record for the date.

...1921... New England was in the midst of a four day ice storm, their worst of record. Ice was more than three inches thick in many places following the storm, and property damage was in the millions of dollars. Northern New England received heavy snow with more than two feet reported in some areas. Overnight freezing rains continued through the day at Worcester MA while the wind increased to a gale. Streets become impassable even on foot, and whole towns were plunged into darkness without communication. The storm caused 20 million dollars damage to power lines, telephone lines and trees.

...1932... The high barometer record of 30.79 inches was set at Newport, Rhode Island.

...1937... 3.14 inches of rain deluged Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of .88 set in 1918.

...1950... A moderately severe freeze occurred in Florida. The temperature at Tallahassee dropped to 20 degrees, establishing a record for November.

...1960... A severe storm produced waves 20 to 40 feet high on Lake Superior. Duluth MN was buried under a foot of snow, and clocked wind gusts to 73 mph. The northern shore of Lake Superior was flooded, and property along the shore was battered. Thousands of cords of pulpwood were washed into Lake Superior, and up to three feet of water flooded the main street of Grand Marais. Thunder accompanied the "nor'easter".

...1987... Low pressure in the Middle Mississippi Valley produced a mixture of snow and sleet and freezing rain from the Central Plains to the Upper Mississippi Valley. Snowfall totals in Iowa ranged up to ten inches at Red Oak. Totals in Nebraska ranged up to 11 inches at Shickley. Freezing rain made roads treacherous in the Twin Cities area of southeastern Minnesota. Bitter cold arctic air invaded the Northern High Plains Region. Laramie WY was the cold spot in the nation with a morning low of 18 degrees below zero. 

...1988... Thunderstorms spawned five tornadoes in North Carolina during the early morning hours. A powerful tornado ripped through one of the most densely populated areas of Raleigh destroying hundreds of homes and damaging thousands more. The tornado killed four persons along its 83 mile track, and injured 154 others. Total damage was estimated at more than 77 million dollars.

...1989... Strong Santa Ana winds prevailed across southern California. Winds gusted to 70 mph at the Rialto Airport, and several tractor- trailer trucks were overturned east of Los Angeles. High winds also buffeted the northeastern U.S., ushering arctic air into the region. Winds gusted to 60 mph at Montpelier VT, and reached 66 mph at Saint Albans VT.

...2005... A three day snowstorm came to an end at Great Falls, Montana, dumping 18.1 inches for the city's greatest snowstorm on record (until 2009). 24.9 inches of snow for the month made it the snowiest November on record.

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