November 9 Weather History

...1819... A dark day occurred in the Northeast. Rainfall was impregnated with burned leaves. A journal entry from Newburyport, Massachusetts stated: "the rain which fell was noticed to be colored as with some dingy substances."

...1913... The "freshwater fury", a rapidly deepening cyclone, caused unpredicted gales on the Great Lakes. Eight large ore carriers on Lake Erie sank drowning 270 sailors. Cleveland OH reported 17.4 inches of snow in 24 hours, and a total of 22.2 inches, both all-time records for that location. During the storm, winds at Cleveland averaged 50 mph, with gusts to 79 mph. The storm produced wind gusts to 80 mph at Buffalo NY, and buried Pickens WV under three feet of snow. (9th-11th)

...1926... A tornado in Charles County of southern Maryland killed seventeen persons.

...1932... A category 5 hurricane with winds sustained at 160 mph and a central pressure of 915 millibars struck central and eastern Cuba. A storm surge of 22 feet occurred at Santa Cruz del Sur, washing the town away. 2870 people of the town's 4800 were killed. Total deaths from the hurricane exceeded 3000.

...1957... A high wind gust of 68 miles was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island, setting a new record for the date. The previous record was 55 miles per hour back in 1900.

...1975... At Newport, Rhode Island the temperature peaked at 71 degrees, breaking the record of 65 degrees set back in 1964.

...1982... Seven tornadoes touched down in southern California, three of which began as waterspouts. The waterspouts moved ashore at Point Mugu, Malibu, and Long Beach. The Long Beach tornado traveled inland ten miles causing much damage.

...1987... Showers and gusty winds associated with a cold front helped extinguish forest fires in the Appalachian Region and clear out smoke in the eastern U.S. Thunderstorms produced locally heavy rains from eastern Texas to the Tennessee Valley. Longview TX received 3.12 inches of rain, including two inches in two hours, Tupelo MS was soaked with 2.80 inches of rain.

...1988... Thunderstorms developing ahead of a strong cold front produced severe weather from eastern Oklahoma to central Indiana. Hail more than two inches in diameter was reported around Tulsa OK.

...1989... High winds prevailed along the eastern slopes of the Rockies from the afternoon of the 8th into the early morning hours of the 9th. Winds of 50 to 80 mph prevailed across the northwest Chinook area of Wyoming, with gusts to 100 mph. Winds in Colorado gusted to 97 mph at Fritz Peak (located near Rollinsville) the evening of the 8th, and early in the morning on the 9th, gusted to 78 mph west of Fort Collins.

...1991... Over 70 record low temperatures were set in the eastern and southern U.S. Champaign, Illinois shivered at 9 degrees, shattering the old record low for the day by 10 degrees and Calico Rock, Arkansas dropped to 13 degrees, breaking the old daily record low by 11 degrees. Salamanca, New York recorded a frigid 1 degree above zero, almost unheard of so early in the season.

...2003... The low dew point bottomed out at 1 degree at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 7 degrees set in 1971.

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