November 5 Weather History

...1894... The famous Election Day snowstorm occurred in Connecticut. As much as a foot of wet snow fell, and the snow and high winds caused great damage to wires and trees. Winds gusted to 60 mph at Block Island RI.

...1961... Strong Santa Ana winds fanned the flames of the Bel Air and Brentwood fires in southern California destroying many homes. At 10 PM the Los Angeles Civic Center reported a temperature of 74 degrees along with a dew point of 5 degrees. On the 6th, Burbank reported a relative humidity of three percent.

...1977... A slow moving storm produced five to nine inch rains across northern Georgia causing the Toccoa Dam to burst. As the earthen dam collapsed the waters rushed through the Toccoa Falls Bible College killing three persons in the dorms. Thirty-eight persons perished at a trailer park along the stream.

...1985... Newport, Rhode Island was deluged with 2.51 inches of rain, breaking the record of 1.42 inches set back in 1950.

...1987... Low pressure off the California coast produced stormy weather in the southwestern U.S. Flash flooding stranded 8000 persons in the Death Valley National Park of southern California. Thunder- storms over southern Nevada produced dime size hail and wind gusts to 68 mph around Las Vegas. Unseasonably mild weather in the northeastern U.S. was replaced with snow and gale force winds.

...1988... A powerful low pressure system produced high winds from the Great Plains to New England, and produced heavy snow in northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Winds gusted to 64 mph at Knoxville TN, and reached 80 mph at Pleasant Valley VT.

...1989... "Mother Nature" used Sunday as a day of rest, as rather tranquil weather prevailed across the nation. Temperatures warmed into the 80s across much of Texas. Highs of 86 degrees at Abilene, Fort Worth and San Angelo were records for the date.

...1991... Record cold occurred in the East. Elkins, West Virginia dropped to 8 degrees, set not only a new daily record low but also a record for the coldest temperature so early in the season. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bottomed out at 11 degrees setting the same two records as Elkins. Jackson, Kentucky dropped to 17 degrees, shattering the old daily record low by 9 degrees.

...2002... Severe thunderstorms moved across southeastern Alabama and the Florida panhandle, producing wind damage and several tornadoes. A tornado struck the Alabama town of Abbeville killing 2 people and injuring 25

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