May 25 Weather History

...1837... Vicksburg, Mississippi had a series of frosts, "which were extraordinary".

...1896... An F5 tornado hit Oakwood, Ortonville, and Thomas, Michigan. 47 people were killed and 100 were injured. Trees were debarked "even to the twigs, as though done by the careful hand of an experienced artisan". Parts of houses were found up to 12 miles away.

...1917... A tornado ripped through southeast Kansas, traveling 65 mph. The average speed was a record for any tornado.

...1955... Two tornadoes struck the town of Blackwell OK within a few minutes time during the late evening. The tornadoes killed 18 persons and injured more than 500 others. Early the next morning a tornado virtually obliterated the small community of Udall KS killing 80 persons and injuring 270 persons. More than half the persons in the community were killed or injured by the tornado.

...1956... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island dipped to 34 degrees, breaking the record of 41 degrees that was set in 1925. The wind chill fell to 30 degrees, setting the record low for the date and the last below freezing wind chill for the season.

...1967... A slow moving nor'easter battered New England with high winds, heavy rain, and record late season snow on this day and into the 26th. Winds 70 to 90 mph in gusts occurred along the coast. Over 7 inches of rain fell at Nantucket, Massachusetts with 6.57 inches falling in 24 hours to set a new 24 hour rainfall record, at Newport, Rhode Island 4.89 inches of rain fell along with a wind gust of 48 miles per hour.   Severe damage occurred along the coast from very high tides. 24.9 inches of snow fell at Mount Washington, New Hampshire to set a new May snowfall record. 10 inches of snow fell near Keene, New Hampshire and 6 inches was recorded at Dublin, New Hampshire.

...1978... At Newport, Rhode Island .67 inches of rain fell in one hour, breaking the record of .29 inches set in 1967.

...1987... Thunderstorms spawned fifteen tornadoes in West Texas. One thunderstorm spawned a powerful tornado near Gruver TX, along with golf ball size hail and 75 mph winds. A man on a boat on Lake Bistineau in northwest Louisiana was struck and killed by lightning, while the other three persons in the boat were unharmed. The man reportedly stood up in the boat and asked to be struck by lightning.

...1988... Unseasonably cool weather prevailed in the Upper Midwest. Marquette MI reported a record low of 26 degrees. Thunderstorms in the north central U.S. produced wind gusts to 62 mph at Idaho Falls ID, and produced 4 inches of rain in less than four hours in northern Buffalo County.

...1989... Thunderstorms developing ahead of a strong cold front produced severe weather from Oklahoma to Ohio through the day and night. Thunderstorms spawned nine tornadoes, and there were 155 reports of large hail and damaging winds. Hail three and a half inches in diameter was reported at Dittmer MO, and thunderstorm winds gusting to 90 mph caused twenty million dollars damage at Rockville IN.

...1990... Evening thunderstorms spawned four tornadoes in Kansas and Missouri, and there were three dozen reports of large hail or damaging winds. Thunderstorms produced hail two inches in diameter at Cole Camp, and wind gusts to 72 mph at Rosebud. Heavy thunder- storm rains produced flash flooding in central Missouri. Flood- waters swept through Washington State Park southwest of Saint Louis, and nearly one hundred persons had to be rescued from water as much as twenty feet deep. The floodwaters swept away a number of vehicles, some were carried as much as four miles away.

...1992... Chicago, Illinois dropped to 32 degrees, making this the latest springtime freeze on record. The previous latest freeze was a 32 degree reading on May 14, 1895.

...2007... The temperature soared to 90 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the record of 83 degrees set back in 1981 and the heat index was 91 degrees, breaking that record of 81 degrees which was also set in 1981.

...2008... An EF5 tornado tracked 41 miles through Grady, Bulter, and Black Hawk Counties in Iowa, killing 8, injuring 70, and doing $100 million in damages. The towns of Parkersburg and New Hartford suffered severe damage.

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