May 24 Weather History

...1894... Six inches of snow blanketed Kentucky. Just four days earlier as much as ten inches of snow had fallen across Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. Six days earlier a violent storm had wrecked nine ships on Lake Michigan.

...1930... A tornado touched down near the town of Pratt KS and traveled at the incredibly slow speed of just 5 mph.

...1936... The temperature at Newport, Rhode Island peaked at 85 degrees on this date, breaking the record of 78 degrees that was set back in 1908.

...1940... Hail fell near Ada OK to a depth of six to eight inches, and rainfall runoff left drifts of hail up to five feet high.

...1956... At Newport, Rhode Island the low temperature got down to 39 degrees, breaking the previous record of 41 degrees set in 1925.

...1987... Severe thunderstorms in southwest Texas spawned a couple of tornadoes near Silverton, and produced golf ball size hail east of the town of Happy. Thunderstorms also produced large hail and damaging winds in Louisiana and Texas.

...1988... A wind gust of 44 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the previous record of 38 miles per hour that was set in 1951.  Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the southeastern U.S. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 88 mph at Columbia NC. Baseball size hail was reported near Tifton GA.

...1989... Thunderstorms developing ahead of a cold front produced severe weather across the Upper Midwest through the day and night. Thunderstorms spawned 30 tornadoes, and there were 158 reports of large hail and damaging winds. A strong (F-3) tornado caused five million dollars damage at Corning IA, and a powerful (F-4) tornado caused five million dollars damage at Traer IA. Thunderstorm winds gusting to 88 mph killed one person and injured five others at Stephensville WI.

...1990... Severe thunderstorms spawned two dozen tornadoes from Montana to Oklahoma. Four tornadoes carved a 109-mile path across central Kansas. The third of the four tornadoes blew 88 cars of an 125-car train off the track, stacking them three to four cars high in some cases, and the fourth tornado caused 3.9 million dollars damage. The third tornado injured six persons who were trying to escape in vehicles. A woman was "sucked out" of a truck and said that at one time she was "airborne, trying to run but my feet wouldn't touch the ground". She also saw a live deer "flying through the air".

...2000... Lubbock, Texas soared to 109 degrees for its hottest May temperature on record. Midland, Texas tied its highest May temperature record with 108 degrees

...2002... The last measurable snow for the season fell at Marquette, Michigan. This brought the city's seasonal snowfall to 319.8 inches, by far the city's snowiest winter ever.

...2004... A hailstone measuring 6 inches in diameter with a circumference of 16.5 inches was fell from a super cell thunderstorm at Meadville, Missouri.

...2011... Billings, Montana was drenched with 3.12 inches of rain on this day for its wettest day on record.

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