May 21 Weather History

...1618... A severe hailstorm occurred in Virginia and was recorded by pioneer storm studiers Rolfe and Smith.

...1860... A swarm of tornadoes occurred in the Ohio Valley. Tornadoes struck the cities of Louisville KY, Cincinnati OH, Chillicothe OH and Marietta OH causing a million dollars damage.

...1895... The temperature at Norwalk OH dipped to 19 degrees to set a state record for the month of May.

...1896... The mercury soared to 124 degrees at Salton CA to establish a U.S. record for May.

...1921... The temperature at Newport, Rhode Island peaked at 85 degrees, breaking the record of 82 degrees set in 1903.

...1980... The temperature at Williston ND reached 102 degrees to set a record for May, and the next day the mercury hit 106 degrees.

...1987... Severe thunderstorms, developing along a sharp cold front crossing the central U.S., produced 60 mph winds and golf ball size hail at Sedalia MO, and drenched Hagerstown IND with six inches of rain in one hour. Temperatures soared into the 90s ahead of the cold front. Paducah KY hit 94 degrees for the second day in a row. Light snow blanketed Montana, with three inches reported at Butte.

...1988... Severe thunderstorms swept across southern Louisiana during the morning hours spawning six tornadoes, and producing wind gusts to 88 mph at Jennings. Thunderstorms also produced five inches of rain in two hours at Lake Charles, causing local flooding.

...1989... Thunderstorms moving southeastward across the Central Plains Region into Oklahoma and Arkansas produced severe weather through the day and night. Thunderstorms spawned just four tornadoes, but there were 243 reports of large hail and damaging winds. Baseball size hail was reported at Augusta KS, and thunderstorm winds gusted to 98 mph at Johnson KS.

...1990... Thunderstorms produced severe weather across the southeastern U.S. for the second day in a row. Severe thunderstorms spawned five tornadoes, including one which injured a person at Richmond KY. There were eighty-seven reports of large hail or damaging winds, with hail three inches in diameter reported at Austin TX. Thunderstorms produced up to five inches of rain in Macon County GA, and heavy rains left nearly eight feet of water over roads near Stepstone KY.

...1992... The relative humidity at Newport, Rhode Island dropped to a dry 14% on this day, breaking the previous record of 24% that was set in 1958.

...2002... At Newport, Rhode Island the low temperature dipped to 38 degrees, breaking the record of 40 degrees set back in 1907.

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