May 18 Weather History

...1825... A tornado (said to have crossed all of the state of Ohio) smashed into the log cabin settlement of Burlington, northeast of Columbus.

...1883... An F4 tornado tracked 20 miles through Kenosha and Racine Counties in Wisconsin. 8 people were killed and 85 were injured. The tornado made a spectacular exit as a multiple vortex waterspout over lake Michigan and was described as: "whirling columns of air seemed like great wreaths of smoke, bearing with them spiral columns of water...a half dozen could be seen at a time, then all would disappear and new ones would reform".

...1902... An F4 tornado struck the town of Goliad, Texas, killing 114 people. No U.S. tornado disaster of similar magnitude has ever occurred further south than this event.

...1936... The high temperature at Newport, Rhode Island peaked at 82 degrees, breaking the previous record of 81 degrees set in 1896. Later tied in 2017.

...1960... Salt Lake City UT received an inch of snow. It marked their latest measurable snowfall of record.

...1980... Mount Saint Helens (in Washington State) erupted spewing ash and smoke sixty-three thousand feet into the air. Heavy ash covered the ground to the immediate northwest, and small particles were carried to the Atlantic coast.

...1981... A low wind chill of 32 degrees was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, setting the record low for the date.

...1983... At Newport, Rhode Island the low temperature dropped to 35 degrees, breaking the record of 38 degrees that was set in 1981.

...1985... Both Newport, Rhode Island and  Newark, New Jersey, set the record low barometric pressure records for the date.  At Newport, Rhode Island the pressure fell to 29.05 inches, breaking the daily record of 29.35 inches set in 1976 and also broke the previous record low for the month, 29.09 inches that was set  the day before, May 17, 1985.  At Newark, New Jersey the barometric pressure fell to 29.23 inches of mercury to establish an all-time record low reading for the month of May.

...1987... Thunderstorms in Kansas, developing along a cold front, spawned tornadoes at Emporia and Toledo, produced wind gusts to 65 mph at Fort Scott, and produced golf ball size hail in the Kansas City area. Unseasonably hot weather prevailed ahead of the cold front. Pomona NJ reported a record high of 93 degrees, and Altus OK hit 100 degrees.

...1988... Low pressure anchored over eastern Virginia kept showers and thunderstorms over the Middle Atlantic Coast Region. Flash flooding was reported in Pennsylvania. Up to five inches of rain drenched Franklin County PA in 24 hours.

...1989... Thunderstorms developing ahead of a cold front produced severe weather from the Central Gulf Coast States to the Lower Missouri Valley during the day and evening. Thunderstorms spawned sixteen tornadoes, and there were 74 reports of large hail and damaging winds.

...1990... Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the central U.S. spawning a sixteen tornadoes, including a dozen in Nebraska. Thunderstorms also produced hail four inches in diameter at Perryton TX, wind gusts to 84 mph at Ellis KS, and high winds which caused nearly two million dollars damage at Sutherland NE. Thunderstorms deluged Sioux City IA with up to eight inches of rain, resulting in a record flood crest on Perry Creek and at least 4.5 million dollars damage.

...1995... Severe thunderstorms spawned 86 tornadoes over the Mississippi and Ohio valleys, resulting in 4 deaths and 161 injuries. 5 of the tornadoes were rated F4 on the Fujita scale.

...2002... A late season snow occurred over the Northeast. Prattsville, New York recorded 8 inches. 2.2 inches fell at Albany, New York for its latest measurable snowfall on record.

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