May 17 Weather History

...1794... An "uncommon frost" in all of New England destroyed crops. The account was published in the collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

...1814... A great freshet on Maine rivers after five days of steady rain caused bridges and roads to wash out. A great loss of logs which had been stored in the rivers also resulted.

...1883... A three day flood in the Black Hills of western South Dakota resulted in a million dollars damage at Rapid City.

...1896... An F5 tornado tracked 100 miles through northeastern Kansas and extreme southeastern Nebraska. Seneca, Oneida, Sabetha, and Reserve, Kansas sustained severe damage. While passing through Reserve the tornado was 2 miles wide. 25 were killed and 200 were injured. Damaged total $400,000.

...1916... The remnants of tropical storm # 1 passed over Martha's Vineyard on this day. Newport, Rhode Island received 1.65 inches of rain, which broke the daily record of 1.15 inches set in 1893.

...1956... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island dipped to 35 degrees, breaking the record of 40 degrees set in 1939 and the wind chill was 32 degrees, setting the record low for the date.

...1979... A reading of 12 degrees at Mauna Kea Observatory established an all-time record low for the state of Hawaii.

...1980... Thunderstorms dumped 16 inches of rain in a 24 hour period at Lake Charles, Louisiana.

...1983... A golfer playing the Fox Meadows Course in Memphis TN was struck by a bolt of lightning that went through his neck, down his spine, came out a pocket containing his keys, and went into a nearby tree. Miraculously, he survived!

...1985... At Newport, Rhode Island the barometric pressure dropped to 29.09 inches of mercury, breaking the daily record of 29.38 set in 1968 and also was the lowest reading for the month of May. (It was broken the next day, May 17, 1985.

...1987... A summer-like weather pattern continued, with warm temperatures and scattered thunderstorms across much of the nation. A cold front in the north central U.S. produced a sharp contrast in the weather across the state of Minnesota during the afternoon. At the same time Duluth was 50 degrees with rain and fog, Mankato was 95 degrees with sunny skies.

...1988... Thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds over the Carolinas during the afternoon and evening. A "thunderstorm of a lifetime" in northern Spartanburg County SC produced hail for forty-five minutes, leaving some places knee-deep in hail.

...1989... Thunderstorms ravaged the south central U.S. with severe weather for the third day in a row. Thunderstorms spawned another nineteen tornadoes, for a total of fifty tornadoes in three days. A strong (F-2) tornado injured 14 persons and caused two million dollars damage at Apple Springs TX. Baseball size hail was reported at Matador TX.

...1990... Thunderstorms developing along a cold front produced severe weather in New York State during the late morning and afternoon. A tornado injured one person at Warren, and wind gusts to 80 mph were reported at Owego. Evening thunderstorms over southwest Texas produced wind gusts to 80 mph at Marfa, along with golf ball size hail which accumulated to a depth of ten inches. Late night thunderstorms over southwest Texas produced up to seven inches of rain in western Crockett County.

...2015... At Newport, Rhode Island the temperature rose to 81 degrees, breaking the record of 79 degrees set in 1977 and 1932.

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