May 10 Weather History

...1896... The high temperature peaked at 89 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island breaking the record of 82 degrees set the year before in 1895.

...1905... A deadly tornado hit the town of Snyder OK killing 87 persons. The tornado leveled 100 homes in Snyder, and destroyed many others. The large and violent tornado killed a total of 97 persons along its 40 miles path across southwestern Oklahoma. Its roar could reportedly be heard up to twelve miles away.

...1966... Morning lows of 21 degrees at Bloomington-Normal IL and Aurora IL established a state record for the month of May.

...1977... An unprecedented spring snowstorm hit southern New England and southeastern New York. This storm, which began on the 9th, was an elevation storm. 20 inches of snow fell at Norfolk, Connecticut (elevation 1337 feet) while downtown Hartford received only 1.2 inches. The highest total occurred at Slide Mountain, New York (elevation 2600 feet) with 26 inches falling. Extensive damage to trees and power lines occurred with 500,000 people without power following the storm. This was the first May snow in 107 years of records at Boston, Massachusetts although only 1/2 inch fell there. However, in the nearby suburb of Bedford, 9.5 inches fell. Worcester, Massachusetts recorded 12.7 inches, the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, Massachusetts measured 7.8 inches,  Providence, Rhode Island recorded 7 inches.  Newport, Rhode Island had received 1.7 inches of snow (9th) and on this date recorded a trace of snow.  The snow depth was 2 inches, setting the record for May and for the latest snow depth for the season.  The low temperature was 34 degrees, breaking the record of 35 degrees set back in 1900 and the wind chill was a chilly 27 degrees, breaking that record of 34 degrees that was set in 1966. 

...1983... 3 feet of snow fell over the Bears Paw Mountains of north central Montana and snow and high winds created near blizzard conditions over portions of central Montana.

...1987... Summer-like "Father's Day" type weather prevailed in the north central and western U.S. for "Mother's Day", as seventeen cities reported record high temperatures for the date. Jamestown ND soared to a record high of 96 degrees. Thunderstorms along the Central Gulf Coast deluged Lillian AL with 14.5 inches of rain, and nearby Perdido Key FL with 12.8 inches of rain.

...1988... Thunderstorms produced hail and high winds over the Atlantic Coast Region and the Gulf Coast States marking the end of a five day episode of severe weather associated with a cyclone tracking out of the Great Basin into southeastern Canada.

...1989... Thunderstorms developing ahead of a cold front crossing the Plateau Region produced wind gusts to 75 mph at Butte MT, and gusts to 77 mph at Choteau MT.

...1990... A spring storm produced heavy snow in Upper Michigan and eastern Wisconsin. Totals ranged up to 12 inches at Marquette MI, with eight inches reported at Muskego WI and Hartford WI. The heavy wet snow, and winds gusting to 35 mph, damaged or destroyed thousands of trees, and downed numerous power lines. Total damage from the storm was more than four million dollars.

...1991... Severe thunderstorms blasted western Texas and Nebraska. 15 tornadoes were reported in western Texas. 3 miles northwest of Lazbuddie, a complex of 5 tornadoes touched down within 10 minutes of one another. This consisted of the main funnel (rated F2) and 4 'satellite' tornadoes that rotated around the main vortex at a distance of about 1/4 mile. Hail 6 inches in diameter broke many windshields and did extensive damage to roofs in Pyote, Texas. 5 inch hailstones fell from a super cell thunderstorm near Crawford, Nebraska.

...2008... An EF4 tornado tracked 76 miles through Craig and Ottawa Counties in Oklahoma, and Newton and Barry Counties in Missouri. 21 people were killed, 350 were injured, and total damage was 150 million dollars. Picher, Oklahoma, Racine and Purdy Missouri had extensive damage.

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