May 6 Weather History

...1876... A severe local windstorm resulted in $250,000 damage at Chicago, Illinois

...1917... A trace of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, setting the record high for the date and the low temperature fell to 34 degrees, breaking the record of 37 degrees set in 1910.  Amarillo, Texas had its latest snowfall on record with 9.1 inches falling.

...1930... At Newport, Rhode Island the high temperature peaked at 85 degrees, breaking the previous record of 75 degrees that was set in 1918.  An F4 tornado tracked through Hill, Navarro, and Ellis counties in Texas. The town of Frost was completely destroyed. 41 people lost their lives and 200 were injured. Total damage exceeded $1 million.

...1933... Charleston SC was deluged with 10.57 inches of rain, an all- time 24 hour record for that location.

...1975... A massive tornado hit Omaha NE killing three persons, injuring 133 others, and causing 150 million dollars damage. The tornado struck during the late afternoon moving northeastward through the industrial and residential areas of west central Omaha, and lifting over the northern section of the city. The twister, which cut a swath ten miles long and as much as a quarter of a mile wide, was the mostly costly in U.S. history up till that time.

...1978... A record late season snowstorm struck Colorado. Estes Park recorded 32 inches of snow, Boulder had 25 inches, 20 inches piled up at Colorado Springs, and Denver checked in with 14 inches for its greatest May snowstorm on record.

...1987... Eighteen cities in California and Oregon reported record high temperatures for the date. Highs of 91 degrees at Portland OR, 101 degrees at Medford OR, and 104 degrees at Sacramento CA, were the warmest of record for so early in the season.

...1988... A major storm brought high winds to the western half of the country. A wind gust of 74 mph at Pueblo CO broke their May record established just four days earlier, and winds in the Arapahoe Ski Basin area of Colorado reached 85 mph. In North Dakota, the high winds reduced visibilities to near zero in blowing dust closing many roads.

...1989... Sixteen cities in the north central U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date. Morning lows of 17 at Bismarck ND and 26 at Minneapolis MN were the coldest of record for so late in the season. A reading of 43 degrees at the start of the Kentucky Derby was the coldest in 115 years of records. Light snow was reported in the Upper Midwest, with an inch reported at Chicago IL.

...1990... Snow and high winds prevailed behind a Pacific cold front crossing the northwestern U.S. Wind gusts above 50 mph were reported in southeastern Idaho, and heavy snow blanketed the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, with twelve inches reported at Stampede Pass.

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