March 21 Weather History

...1801... The Jefferson Flood occurred in the Connecticut River Valley. The flood, which was the greatest since 1692, was given its named by Federalists who blamed the disaster on the newly inaugurated democrat.

...1912... 5.3 inches of snow fell on Newport, Rhode Island this day, breaking the previous record of 0.1 inches set in 1905.

...1921... At Newport, Rhode Island the temperature rose to 71 degrees, breaking the record of 58 degrees set in 1913.

...1932... A tornado swarm occurred in the Deep South. Between late afternoon and early the next morning severe thunderstorms spawned 31 tornadoes in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee. The tornadoes killed 334 persons and injured 1784 others. Northern Alabama was hardest hit. Tornadoes in Alabama killed 286 persons and caused five million dollars damage.

...1952... Severe thunderstorms spawned thirty-one tornadoes across Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky. The tornadoes killed 343 persons and caused 15 million dollars damage. Arkansas and Tennessee each reported thirteen tornadoes. The towns of Judsonia AR and Henderson TN were nearly wiped off the map in what proved to be the worst tornado outbreak of record for Arkansas. A tornado, one and a half miles wide at times, left a church the only undamaged building at Judsonia.

...1956... The snow pack was 15 inches deep at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 6 inches set in 1944.

...1958... The barometric pressure fell to 29.03 inches at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the previous record of 29.10 inches set in 1936.

...1986... The low temperature dipped to 13 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 15 degrees set in 1914.

...1987... A winter storm in the Northern High Plains Region produced blizzard conditions in western South Dakota. Winds gusted to 70 mph at Rapid City SD, and snowfall totals ranged up to 20 inches at Lead SD. The high winds produced snow drifts six feet high.

...1988... Bitterly cold weather prevailed across the northeastern U.S. Portland ME reported their coldest spring day of record with a morning low of 5 above, and an afternoon high of just 21 degrees. Marquette MI reported a record low of 15 degrees below zero.

...1989... Snow blanketed the northeastern U.S. early in the day, with six inches reported at Rutland VT. Morning and afternoon thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds from southwestern Mississippi to southwest Georgia.

...1990... The first full day of spring was a cold one for the eastern U.S. Freezing temperatures damaged 62 percent of the peach crop in upstate South Carolina, and 72 percent of the peach crop in the ridge area of South Carolina. Elkins WV, which a week earlier reported a record high of 82 degrees, was the cold spot in the nation with a morning low of 16 degrees.

...1992... Intense snow squalls associated with a stalled cold front and a "Norlun" instability trough buried Kennebunkport, Maine under 14 inches of snow in only 4 hours. Goose Rocks Beach reported an amazing two feet in the same time period. Portland, Maine recorded 4 inches of snow in just one hour with a total of 11.4 inches. Nearly 6 inches of snow fell in one hour in the Beverly, Massachusetts area, resulting in a 27 car pile up on Route 128.

...2007... The barometric pressure rose to 30.80 inches at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the record of 30.57 inches set in 1986.

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