March 14 Weather History

...1870... The term "blizzard" was first applied to a storm which produced heavy snow and high winds in Minnesota and Iowa.

...1896... The low temperature fell to 10 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 27 degrees set in 1895.

...1933... A strong (F3) tornado cut through the center of Nashville, Tennessee. 1400 homes were damaged or destroyed. 11 people were killed and total damage was 1.5 million dollars.

...1939... The snow dept at Newport, Rhode Island was 14 inches, breaking the record of 4 inches set in 1924.

...1944... A single storm brought a record 21.6 inches of snow to Salt Lake City UT.

...1960... Northern Georgia was between snowstorms. Gainesville GA received 17 inches of snow during the month, and reported at least a trace of snow on the ground 22 days in March. Snow was on roofs in Hartwell GA from the 2nd to the 29th.

...1953... The high temperature peaked at 62 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island and later tied in 2002.

...1959... 5.8 inches of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 2.5 inches set in 1897.

...1984... A coastal storm dumped very heavy snow over northern New England. Caribou, Maine received 28.6 inches of snow in 24 hours, by far its greatest 24 hour snowfall on record. 36 inches of snow fell at Telos Lake, Maine. Some sections of Vermont recorded 30 inches and up to 26 inches fell in portions of New Hampshire.

...1987... A powerful storm in the western U.S. produced 15 inches of snow in the Lake Tahoe Basin of Nevada, and wind gusts to 50 mph at Las Vegas NV. Thunderstorms in the Sacramento Valley of California spawned a tornado which hit a turkey farm near Corning.

...1988... Squalls in the Great Lakes Region continued to produce heavy snow in northwest Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, and produced up to 14 inches of snow in northeast Ohio. Poplar WI reported 27 inches of snow in two days.

...1989... High winds in Colorado and Wyoming gusted above 120 mph at Horsetooth Heights CO. High winds in the Central Plains sharply reduced visibilities in blowing dust as far east as Kansas City MO. Winds gusting to 72 mph at Hill City KS reduced the visibility to a city block in blowing dust. Soil erosion in northwest Kansas damaged nearly five million acres of wheat.

...1990... Fifty-three cities reported record high temperatures for the date as readings warmed into the 70s and 80s from the Gulf coast to the Great Lakes Region. Charleston WV was the hot spot in the nation with a record high of 89 degrees. It was the fourth of five consecutive days with record warm tempeatures for many cities in the eastern U.S. There were 283 daily record highs reported in the central and eastern U.S. during between the 11th and the 15th of March.

...1993... At Newport, Rhode Island the wind gusted to 61 miles per hour, breaking the record of 45 miles per hour set in 1980 and the barometer bottomed out at 28.50 inches, breaking that record of 28.89 set back in 1980.  Record cold followed in the wake of the "Blizzard of '93" over the eastern U.S. with 57 daily record low temperatures broken. Birmingham, Alabama plunged to 2 degrees, by far breaking its previous March record low of 11 degrees. Orlando, Florida recorded 33 degrees to smash its old daily record low by 9 degrees. It was also its coldest temperature ever recorded for so late in the season.

...1997... Marquette, Michigan was buried under 28.0 inches of snow in 24 hours for its greatest 24 hour snowfall on record. 32.4 inches total fell for the storm. Snow depth reached 63 inches, also a new record for the city. Rochester, Minnesota measured 12.6 inches from the storm to push its seasonal snowfall total to 78.1 inches -- its snowiest winter ever. Green Bay, Wisconsin recorded 17.5 inches and Wautoma, Wisconsin checked in with 28 inches.

...2007... The temperature in Concord, NH, reaches a record high of 74 degrees less than one week after a record low temperature of 7 degrees below zero on March 8, an 81 degree temperature swing in six days.

...2008... An EF2 tornado tracked through downtown Atlanta, Georgia, killing 1, injuring 30, and doing $25 million in damages. The tornado passed perilously close (300 feet) to the Georgia Dome which had an SEC Basketball Game in progress.

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