March 9 Weather History

...1862... The historic battle between the Merrimac and Monitor occurred under pleasant anticyclone conditions. At Fort Monroe at 2 pm the temperature was 55 degrees, the weather was fair with a pressure of 30.40 inches. The wind was from the west at force 2.

...1928... 6.1 inches of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 1.7 inches set in 1903.

...1943... The barometric pressure at Newport, Rhode Island rose to 31.01 inches, breaking the record of 30.70 inches set in 1935.  It was the highest barometer reading for the month of March and was the second highest reading at this location.  The temperature at Lac Frontiere, Maine fell to 40 degrees below zero. This is the coldest ever in March in New England.

...1956... A whopping 367 inches of snow was measured on the ground at the Ranier Paradise Ranger Station in Washington. The snow depth was a state record and the second highest total of record for the continental U.S.

...1960... A winter storm produced a narrow band of heavy snow from north central Kentucky into Virginia and the mountains of North Carolina. Snowfall amounts ranged from 12 to 24 inches, with drifts up to eleven feet high in western Virginia.

...1961... The high temperature at Newport, Rhode Island rose to 61 degrees, breaking the record of 56 degrees set in 1973.

...1987... Gale force winds ushered arctic air into the north central U.S. Some places were 50 degrees colder than the previous day. Northeast winds, gusting to 60 mph, produced 8 to 15 foot waves on Lake Michigan causing more than a million dollars damage along the southeastern shoreline of Wisconsin.

...1988... A cold front brought high winds to the southwestern U.S. Winds in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada gusted to 70 mph, and one person was injured by a falling tree.

...1989... Twenty-two cities in the southwestern U.S. reported new record high temperatures for the date. In New Mexico, afternoon highs of 72 at Los Alamos, 76 at Ruidoso, and 79 at Quemado, were records for March.

...1990... Evening thunderstorms produced severe weather in West Texas. Thunderstorms produced wind gusts to 71 mph at Lubbock, and golf ball size hail was reported at several other locations. Strong thunderstorm winds injured two persons north of the town of Canyon.

...1991... The relative humidity dropped to 16% on this day at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 18% set the year before (1990).

...1992... The first 9 days of March in Cincinnati, Ohio were very warm. the temperature averaged 58.7 degrees -- or 21.0 degrees above normal!! Within this 9 day stretch, high temperatures were 70 degrees or above on 5 consecutive days. Never before had this occurred so early in the season.

...1998... 1.95 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 1.91 inches set back in 1903, .41 inches fell in one hour typing the record from 3 years earlier (1995).

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