March 7 Weather History

...1717... The "Great Snow", a composite of four winter storms to hit the eastern U.S. in nine days, finally came to an end. Snow depths averaged 60 inches following the storm. Up to four feet of snow fell around Boston MA, and snow drifts 25 feet high were reported around Dorchester MA.

...1872... A cold wave swept across the East Coast, sending the mercury to 8 degrees below zero at Boston, Massachusetts. The outbreak was the most severe March cold wave of record in modern history.

...1932... A severe coastal storm set barometric pressure records from Virginia to New England. Block Island, Rhode Island reported a barometric pressure reading of 28.20 and Newport, Rhode Island reported a barometric pressure of 28.38 inches, which broke the record of 28.82 set in 1929.  The low reading at Newport, Rhode Island was the lowest ever for February and tied for the all time low at that station (28.38 inches on September 14, 1944).

...1962... A wind gust of 62 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 49 miles per hour set in 1929.

...1967... At Newport, Rhode Island 2.85 inches of rain fell, breaking the record of 1.43 inches that was set back in 1926.

...1987... Forty-five cities in the north central and northeastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Huron SD hit 80 degrees, and Pickstown SD reached 81 degrees. Rochester MN and Rockford IL smashed their previous record for the date by sixteen degrees.

...1988... High winds along a sharp cold front ushered snow and arctic cold into the Central Rocky Mountain Region and the Northern Plains. Snowfall totals in Utah ranged up to sixteen inches at Brighton. Winds gusted to 66 mph at Rapid City SD.

...1989... Blustery northwest winds ushered arctic cold into eastern U.S. Burlington VT reported a record low of 14 degrees below zero. Snow and ice over the Carolinas replaced the 80 degree weather of the previous day. High winds and heavy surf caused five million dollars damage along the North Carolina coast.

...1990... At Newport, Rhode Island the barometric pressure rose to 30.92 inches, setting the record for the date.  The previous high barometer was 30.83 inches set in 1985.  A major ice storm left much of Iowa under a thick coat of ice. It was the worst ice storm in at least twenty-five years for Iowa, perhaps the worst of the century. Up to two inches of ice coated much of western and central Iowa, with three inches reported in Crawford County and Carroll County. As much as five inches of ice was reported on some electrical lines. The ice downed 78 towers in a 17-mile stretch of a high voltage feeder near Boone costing three electric utilities fifteen million dollars. Damage to trees was incredible, and clean-up costs alone ran into the millions. Total damage from the storm was more than fifty million dollars.

...1996... 6.5 inches of snow fell at Boston, Massachusetts on this date to bring its seasonal to 96.4 inches -- the city's snowiest winter in 105 years of record keeping. The old record was 96.3 inches set in the 1993-94 winter season. Now all major cities along this east coast had broken their seasonal snowfall records in the 1995-96 winter season.

...1999... Two snowstorms in a little over three days dumped 43.2 inches of snow on Rochester, New York.

...2007... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island fell to 7 degrees, breaking the record of 9 degrees set in 2003.

...2009... At Newport, Rhode Island the high temperature peaked at 64 degrees, setting the record high for the date, the previous high was 61 degrees, set back in 1974.

...2015... The snow depth was a 24 inch base at Newport, Rhode Island, shattering the record of 14 inches that was set in 1917 and later tied in 1960.

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