June 30 Weather History

...1841... A tornado hit Danvers, Salem, and Marblehead, Massachusetts. During this severe weather event, small fish fell on a street in Boston.

...1886... The second destructive hurricane in nine days hit the Apalachicola-Tallahassee area.

...1919... The low temperature got down to 51 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 53 degrees set in 1902 and 1912.

...1939... 2.27 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the record of 1.76 inches set in 1921.

...1942... The temperature at Portland OR hit 102 degrees, an all-time record for that location.

...1945... At Newport, Rhode Island the high temperature rose to 93 degrees, breaking the record of 90 degrees set in 1901.

...1949... Newport, Rhode Island had its driest month on record.  .05 inches fell for the month, which broke the June monthly record of .43 inches that was set in 1912 and was the all time lowest rainfall for any month at the station since 1893 when records were recorded thee.  Only .02 of an inch of rain fell at Central Park in New York City for the its driest month on record.

...1957... A wind gust of 44 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 31 miles per hour set in 1952.

...1972... The entire state of Pennsylvania was declared a disaster area as a result of the catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes, which claimed 48 lives, and caused 2.1 billion dollars damage.

...1986... Today marked the end of the driest 6 months on record for the Athens, Georgia area since records began being kept there in 1845. The 6 month precipitation total at Athens was 11.23 inches -- the normal is 27.33 inches. This also marked the end of the driest 6 months on record for Lynchburg, Virginia, with only 9.43 inches measured since January 1st. -San Antonio, Texas had its wettest June on record with 11.95 inches of rainfall. The previous record was 10.44 inches in 1973.

...1987... Hot weather prevailed in the Pacific Northwest, with readings above 100 degrees reported as far north as southern British Columbia. Yakima WA reported a record high of 100 degrees, while temperatures near the Washington coast hovered near 60 degrees all day. Thunderstorms prevailed from southwest Texas to New England. Thunderstorm winds gusting to 100 mph at Gettysburg PA killed one person. High winds and large hail caused more than five million dollars damage to property and crops in Lancaster County PA.

...1988... Thunderstorms in eastern Kansas drenched Worden with 12.21 inches of rain, and a wall of water two to four feet deep swept through Lone Star KS flooding every home in the town. Up to ten inches of rain was reported southeast of Callaway NE. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 75 mph at Winfield KS. Seventeen cities in the north central and northeastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Duluth MN with a reading of 36 degrees.

...1989... Winnfield LA reported 22.52 inches of rain in three days, and more than thirty inches for the month, a record for June. Shreveport LA received a record 17.11 inches in June, with a total for the first six months of the year of 45.55 inches. Thunderstorms also helped produce record rainfall totals for the month of June of 13.12 inches at Birmingham AL, 14.66 inches at Oklahoma City OK, 17.41 inches at Tallahassee FL, 9.97 inches at Lynchburg VA, and more than 10.25 inches at Pittsburgh PA. Pittsburgh had also experienced a record wet month of May.

...1992... 399 tornadoes occurred across the U.S. during the past month. This set a new record for the greatest number of tornadoes in a single month (this record was broken in May 2003.

...1994... El Paso, Texas soared to 114 degrees to break its all-time record high temperature, again! A record high of 113 degrees was just set on the 27th and 28th of this month

...1998... .77 inches of rain fell in one hour at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of .22 inches set in 1973.

...1999... As the 1998-99 snowfall season closed, Mount Baker, Washington recorded an incredible total of 1140 inches of snow to set a new single season snowfall record for not only the U.S., but for the world as well. -Boston, Massachusetts recorded only a trace of rain for June 1999, tying the record for its driest month ever.

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