June 27 Weather History

...1893... At Newport, Rhode Island the low temperature dipped to 49 degrees, setting the record low for the date.

...1901... There was a rain of fish from the sky at Tiller's Ferry. Hundreds of fish were swimming between cotton rows after a heavy shower.

...1915... The temperature at Fort Yukon AK soared to 100 degrees to establish a state record.

...1938... 2.24 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 1.26 inches that was set in 1919.

...1957... Hurricane Audrey smashed ashore at Cameron LA drowning 390 persons in the storm tide, and causing 150 million dollars damage in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Audrey left only a brick courthouse and a cement-block icehouse standing at Cameron, and when the waters settled in the town of Crede, only four buildings remained. The powerful winds of Audrey tossed a fishing boat weighing 78 tons onto an off-shore drilling platform. Winds along the coast gusted to 105 mph, and oil rigs off the Louisiana coast reported wind gusts to 180 mph. A storm surge greater than twelve feet inundated the Louisiana coast as much as 25 miles inland. It was the deadliest June hurricane of record for the U.S.

...1963... The temperature rose to 93 degrees on this day at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 89 degrees set in 1960.

...1965... The barometric pressure rose to 30.50 inches of mercury at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 30.30 inches set in 1962.

...1970... At Newport, Rhode Island the barometric pressure fell to 29.29 inches of mercury, breaking the record of 29.43 inches that was set in 1954.

...1987... Thunderstorms moving out of Nebraska produced severe weather in north central Kansas after midnight. Thunderstorm winds gusting to 100 mph damaged more than fifty camping trailers at the state park campground at Lake Waconda injuring sixteen persons. Thunder- storm winds gusted to 80 mph at Beloit and Sylvan Grove.

...1988... The afternoon high of 107 degrees at Bismarck ND was a record for the month of June, and Pensacola FL equaled their June record with a reading of 101 degrees. Temperatures in the Great Lakes Region and the Ohio Valley dipped into the 40s.

...1989... Thunderstorms produced severe weather from the Ohio Valley to western New England. Thunderstorm spawned six tornadoes, and there were 98 reports of large hail and damaging winds. Tropical Storm Allison spawned six tornadoes in Louisiana, injuring two persons at Hackberry. Fort Polk LA was drenched with 10.09 inches of rain in 36 hours, and 12.87 inches was reported at the Gorum Fire Tower in northern Louisiana.

...1992... A severe thunderstorm dumped one to two feet of marble to golf ball size hail at Holyoke, Massachusetts. The hail lasted for 25 minutes and drifts reached 3 feet.  A super cell thunderstorm produced 5 tornadoes over Hutchinson, Carson, and Moore counties in Texas, including an F4 which did 35.4 million dollars in damage as it tore through Fritch. A resident of Fritch videotaped as the huge multiple vortex tornado approached, and kept the tape rolling until the tornado was practically on top of him. He survived, with the tape intact. The tape showed one of the most graphic and breathtaking displays of tornadic devastation ever recorded.

...1994... The big heat continued in the southwestern U.S. Lakewood, New Mexico hit a scorching 119 degrees to set a new all-time state record. Afternoon highs of 116 degrees at Midland, Texas, 114 at Lubbock, Texas and Roswell, new Mexico, and 113 at El Paso, Texas set new all-time records for those locations. The mesonet station 4 miles south of Tipton, Oklahoma hit 120 degrees, to tie the state record high temperature.

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