June 23 Weather History

...1882... A large seiche (a wave caused by seismic or atmospheric activity) rolled into Cleveland Harbor and caused an 8 foot surge of water

...1902... The temperature at Volcano Springs CA soared to 129 degrees to set a June record for the U.S.

...1932... The Low temperature dipped to 50 degrees on this day at Newport, Rhode Island; it was later tied in 1952 and 1992.

...1944... Four tornadoes killed 153 persons and caused five million dollars damage in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland. The tornadoes formed during the evening and moved southeast along parallel paths flattening everything in their way. The town of Shinnston WV was leveled, and was left with the majority of the causalities. Until that time it was believed that damaging tornadoes did not travel across mountainous terrain.

...1957... A few miles west of Fort Stockton TX, softball size hail injured 21 persons unable to find shelter, mostly farm laborers. Some livestock were killed.

...1983... At Newport, Rhode Island the high temperature peaked at 90 degrees, breaking the record of 89 degrees that was set in 1894.

...1987... A massive hailstorm hit eastern Colorado causing an estimated 60 to 70 million dollars damage. At La Junta CO, hail as large as softballs caused 37 million dollars damage.

...1988... Thirty-four cities reported record high temperatures for the date. The reading of 90 degrees at Bluefield WV equaled their record for the month of June. The record high of 104 degrees at Billings MT was their thirteenth of the month.

...1989... Six cities in the High Plains Region reported record low temperatures for the date, including Sheridan WY with a reading of 38 degrees. Showers and thunderstorms in the eastern U.S. deluged New Castle County DE with 2.5 inches of rain in one hour.

...1990... Record heat occurred from Texas west to Arizona. An all-time record high was set in Beeville, Texas. In one hour, a remarkable weather phenomenon occurred. The temperature made a rapid climb from 103 to 114 degrees to establish the new record high.

...1993... The relative humidity at Newport, Rhode Island fell to a dry 20%, breaking the record of 29% in 1980.

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