June 19 Weather History

...1794... A violent tornado commenced west of the Hudson river in New York. The tornado traveled through Poughkeepsie, then crossed the border into Connecticut where it traveled through the towns of New Milford, Waterbury, North Haven, and Branford. It then continued on into Long Island Sound. The tornado did extensive damage and the funnel was reported by one observer to look like the "aurora borealis".

...1835... A tornado tore through the center of New Brunswick NJ killing five persons and scattering debris as far as Manhattan Island. The tornado provided the first opportunity for scientists to study firsthand the track of such a storm.

...1934... At Newport, Rhode Island, the remnants of Hurricane # 2 passed over Newport, Rhode Island dumping 1.51 inches of rain, a wind gust of 35 miles per hour and the barometric pressure fell to 29.50 inches. (19th and 20th)

...1938... A cloudburst near Custer Creek MT (near Miles City) caused a train wreck killing forty-eight persons. An estimated four to seven inches of rain deluged the head of the creek that evening, and water flowing through the creek weakened the bridge. As a result, a locomotive and seven passenger cars plunged into the swollen creek. One car, a tourist sleeper, was completely submerged.

...1956... The low temperature fell to 45 degrees, breaking the record of 48 degrees set in 1920 and 1950.

...1964... A squall line producing large hail swept through central Illinois, followed by two more consecutive lines passing shortly after dawn. The resulting hailstorms caused damage in excess of $9 million, as hailstones the size of grapefruits wrought havoc to trees, utility lines, crops and buildings. The thunderstorms also produced as much as 5 inches of rain over an 8 hour period.

...1972... 2.21 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the record of 1.50 inches set in 1934.  Hurricane Agnes moved onshore near Cape San Blas FL with wind gusts to 80 mph, and exited Maine on the 26th. There were 117 deaths, mainly due to flooding from North Carolina to New York State, and total damage was estimated at more than three billion dollars. Up to 19 inches of rain deluged western Schuylkill County PA. The rains of Hurricane Agnes resulted in one of the greatest natural disasters in U.S. history. Agnes caused more damage than all other tropical cyclones in the previous six years combined (which included Celia and Camille).

...1987... It was a warm June day, with plenty of thunderstorms east of the Rockies. Lightning knocked out power at Throckmorton TX, and ignited an oil tank battery. A woman in Knox City TX was struck by lightning while in her car, and a man was struck by lightning near his home in Manatee County FL. Strong thunderstorm winds overturned several outhouses near Bixby OK, but no injuries were reported.

...1988... Temperatures soared above 100 degrees in the central U.S. for Father's Day. Fifteen cities reported record high temperatures for the date. Severe thunderstorms in Minnesota and Wisconsin produced softball size hail near River Falls WI, and wind gusts to 80 mph at Menomonie WI.

...1989... Fourteen cities reported record high temperatures for the date as searing heat spread from the southwestern deserts into the High Plains Region. Record highs included 98 degrees at Billings MT, 107 degrees at Valentine NE, and 112 degrees at Tucson AZ.

...1990... Severe thunderstorms belted south central Kansas. A wind gust to 116 mph was recorded in Kingman. High winds caused severe damage to hangars at Jabara airport in Wichita. Many grain bins were toppled. Several radio towers north of Wichita were also toppled which disrupted the dissemination of warnings to the public. Total damage was around $50 million. The storm was termed "one of the most damaging of the century" for Wichita area.

...1992.. Two batches of severe thunderstorms, occurring within 6 hours of each other, dumped hailstones up to 4.5 inches in diameter across Sedgwick and surrounding counties in south central Kansas. Over 10,000 homes were damaged. The hail left wheat fields in a near total loss. Estimated property damage totaled $500 million with crop damage at $100 million. The thunderstorm episode ranks as one for the worst ever to hit Kansas.

...1993.. At Newport, Rhode Island the high temperature peaked at 89 degrees and was later tied the next year (1994).

...1994.. The dew point at Newport, Rhode Island was a very muggy 77 degrees, breaking the record of 72 degrees set back in 1957 and it tied the highest dew point for the month of June (the other date was June 26, 1998.) The heat index rose to 97 degrees, breaking that record of 93 degrees set in 1993.  

...2004.. Annette Island, Alaska soared to 93 degrees for it hottest temperature on record.

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