June 17 Weather History

...1775... The Battle for Breed's Hill near Bunker Hill took place. The diary of Edward Holyoke reported the weather as "serene, dry air, hot - 80 degrees - W and WSW winds."

...1859... Hot Santa Ana winds in southern California roasted fruit on one side at Santa Barbara.

...1882... A tornado traveled more than 200 miles across the state of Iowa killing 130 persons. The tornado touched down about ninety miles west of Grinnell, and struck the town and college around sunset, killing sixty persons, and causing more than half a million dollars damage. Traveling at nearly 60 mph, the tornado hit Mount Pleasant about 11 PM causing another half a million dollars damage.

...1894... The high temperature peaked at 91 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 58 degrees in 1893 (the start of record keeping at the station).

...1965... Holly CO was deluged with 11.08 inches of rain to establish a state 24 hour rainfall record.

...1954... At Newport, Rhode Island the low temperature fell to 44 degrees, breaking the record of 47 degrees set in 1926.

...1978... An F2 tornado hit the showboat "Whippoorwill" on Pomona Lake in Osage County in Kansas. The boat was capsized with 16 of the 58 people on board drowning.

...1987... Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the south central U.S. Thunderstorms in Kansas produced wind gusts to 76 mph at Lyons, and baseball size hail at Garden City. The Edwards Aquifer, which supplies water to San Antonio TX, reached a record level of 699.2 feet following a record 18.43 inches of rain in thirty days. Torrential rains between the mid May and mid June sent 8.8 million acre feet of water down the rivers of southern Texas, the largest volume in 100 years of records.

...1988... Thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds in Georgia and the Carolinas. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 75 mph at Eden NC.

...1989... Unseasonably cool air, responsible for 37 record lows in the central U.S. on the 15th and 16th, including a low of 33 degrees at Valentine NE on the 15th, overspread the eastern U.S. ending a three day siege of severe weather.

...2001... The remnants of tropical storm Allison caused two rainfall records to be broken at Newport, Rhode Island on this day. The day total was 2.41 inches, breaking the record of 1.66 inches set back in 1972 and 1.08 inches of rain fell in one hour, breaking that record of .93 inches also set back in 1972.

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