June 15 Weather History

...1794... A frost was reported at Mansfield, Massachusetts, repeating a previous visitation made on May 17th of the same year.

...1806... A total eclipse of the sun was viewed from southern California to Massachusetts.

...1917... The temperature soared to 124 degrees at Mecca climaxing the most destructive heat wave of record in California history.

...1928... Farmer Will Keeler witnessed a funnel passing overhead from the doorway of his storm cellar near Greensburg, Kansas. He noted that "everything was still as death" and that "a screaming, hissing sound" was made by "small tornadoes at the lower rim of the vortex that were constantly forming and breaking away".

...1944... A tornado in Sioux City IA traveled an odd course. It spun in one place for about twenty minutes, made a U- turn, traveled southeast for about three miles, then traveled south, east, north, and finally east again.

...1956.. At Newport, Rhode Island the high dew point peaked at 75 degrees, breaking the record of 65 degrees set in 1955 and the heat index was a hot 99 degrees, breaking the record of 86 degrees a year earlier in 1955.

...1957.. The high temperature at Newport, Rhode Island rose to 93 degrees, breaking the previous record of 89 degrees that was set in 1943 and 1956.

...1958... The lower barometric pressure dipped to 29.30 inches at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, setting a record for the day. The previous low was 29.65 inches set in 1956.

...1964... A late season snowfall left a trace of snow over all of northern Maine.

...1971... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island dipped to 47 degrees, breaking the record of 49 degrees set in 1959.

...1965... Thunderstorms dumped torrential rains along the east slopes and on the plains east of Denver, Colorado. 14 inches fell at both Palmer Lake and Larkspur and 12 inches at Castle Rock, resulting in a wall of water down the west and east branches of Plum Creek. Damage to roads and bridges in Larkspur, Castle Rock, and Sedalia was extensive. The flood then reached the South Platte River near Littleton and proceeded through Denver. Flood waters spread to 1/2 mile or more in width and destroyed homes, trailer courts, and businesses. The flood caused 230 million dollars damage and 8 deaths along the entire South Platte River Basin.

...1987... Temperatures soared above 100 degrees in the Upper Midwest, reaching 104 degrees at Lincoln NE. Thunderstorms produced wind gusts to 96 mph at Valley City ND, and baseball size hail near Red Oak IA.

...1988... After a brief respite, hot weather returned to the Northern High Plains Region. Late night thunderstorms in Montana produced wind gusts to 70 mph at Polson and north of Lake Seeley.

...1989... Daytime thunderstorms produced severe weather from northern Florida to the Middle Atlantic Coast. The thunderstorms spawned eight tornadoes, and there were 138 reports of large hail and damaging winds. Thunderstorm winds gusting to 87 mph caused twenty million dollars damage at Columbia SC. Strong thunderstorm winds killed one person at McLeansville NC.

...1992... Tornadoes continued to ravage the central U.S. with 65 reported on this day, the second highest daily total on record. 27 tornadoes touched down in Minnesota. An F5 tornado cut 16 mile path across nobles and Murray counties, leveling half of chandler, killing one person, and doing $27 million in damages. The two-day tornado total was 123, second only to the Super outbreak of April 3-4, 1974.

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