June 9 Weather History

...1931... 2.55 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the record of .52 inches set in 1909.

...1953... A tornado hit the town of Worcester MA killing ninety persons. The northeastern states usually remain free of destructive tornadoes, however in this case a low pressure system, responsible for producing severe thunderstorms in Michigan and Ohio the previous day, brought severe weather to New Hampshire and central Massachusetts. The tornado, up to a mile in width at times, tracked 46 miles through Worcester County. It mangled steel towers built to withstand winds of 375 mph. Debris from the tornado fell in the Boston area, and adjacent Atlantic Ocean.

...1966... Hurricane Alma made landfall over the eastern Florida Panhandle -- the earliest land falling hurricane on the U.S. mainland on record.

...1972... A cloudburst along the eastern slopes of the Black Hills of South Dakota produced as much as 14 inches of rain resulting in the Rapid City flash flood disaster. The rains, which fell in about four hours time, caused the Canyon Lake Dam to collapse. A wall of water swept through the city drowning 237 persons, and causing more than 100 million dollars property damage.

...1980... At Newport, Rhode Island, the low temperature dipped to 42 degrees, breaking the record of 44 degrees that was set in 1905.

...1985... Sacramento, California came under the grip of a heat wave, which, before it released its grip, would provide 8 consecutive days (June 9 to June 16) with temperatures above 100 degrees. Within this period, 6 consecutive days had high temperatures of 105 degrees or greater.

...1987... Lightning struck "Tire Mountain" near Denver CO, destroying two million tires out of a huge pile of six million tires. Thunderstorms spawned three tornadoes around Denver, and a man was killed at Conifer CO when strong thunderstorm winds lifted up a porch and dropped it on him. A thunderstorm near Compton MD produced two inch hail, and high winds which destroyed twenty barns and ten houses injuring five persons.

...1988... Thunderstorms produced severe weather from North Carolina to the Central Gulf Coast Region. Hail in North Carolina caused more than five million dollars damage to property, and more than sixty million dollars damage to crops. Hail three and a half inches in diameter was reported at New Bern NC. Thunderstorms in the Central High Plains produced eighteen inches of hail at Fountain CO. The temperature at Del Rio TX soared to an all-time record high of 112 degrees.

...1989... Severe weather abated for a date, however, showers and thunderstorms continued to drench the eastern U.S. with torrential rains. Milton FL was deluged with 15.47 inches in 24 hours. Record heat and prolonged drought in south central Texas left salt deposits on power lines and insulators near the coast, and when nighttime dew caused arcing, the city of Brownsville was plunged into darkness.

...1990... San Diego, California set a new record rainfall amount on this date. .38 inches of rain fell breaking the old record of .13 inches established in 1892. Moisture from the remains of Hurricane Boris was responsible for this rare rain event.

...2004... A massive hailstorm with hailstones up to 2.25 inches in diameter struck the south sections of the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. Combined damage to homes and automobiles, not including commercial buildings, was estimated at $146.5 million -- the 4th costliest insurance disaster in the state's history.

...2008... It was a hot and muggy day at Newport, Rhode Island. The high temperature peaked at 93 degrees, breaking the record of 92 degrees that was set in 1959, the dew point reached 75 degrees that broke the record of 72 degrees set in 2004 and the heat index was a very hot 102 degrees, breaking the record of 96 degrees set in 1959.

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