July 31 Weather History

...1769... Hail fell 12 inches deep and remained on the ground for 30 hours during a hailstorm at Scituate, Massachusetts

...1831... William C. Redfield's first hurricane paper was published in the American Journal of Science. This paper contained remarks on the prevailing storms of the Atlantic Coast.

...1839... The Yale Tornado" hit New Haven, Connecticut and was subsequently investigated by Yale faculty and William Redfield.

...1917... The temperature rose to a very hot 97 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, setting the record high temp for the date. The old record was 88 degrees set the year before in 1916.

...1949... Lightning struck a baseball diamond at Baker, Florida while a game was in progress. The bolt dug a 20 foot long ditch through the infield. The shortstop and 3rd baseman were killed and the second baseman was fatally injured.

...1953... The relative humidty dipped to 34% at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the previous record of 38% set in 1950.

...1956... At Newport, Rhode Island the low temperature was a chilly 51 degrees, setting the record low temperature for the day. The old record was 54 degrees set back in 1895.

...1976... A stationary thunderstorm produced more than ten inches of rain which funneled into the narrow Thompson River Canyon of northeastern Colorado. A wall of water six to eight feet high wreaked a twenty-five mile path of destruction from Estes Park to Loveland killing 156 persons. The flash flood caught campers, and caused extensive structural and highway damage. Ten miles of U.S. Highway 34 were totally destroyed as the river was twenty feet higher than normal at times.

...1986... The temperature at Little Rock AR soared to 112 degrees to establish an all-time record high for that location. Morrilton AR hit 115 degrees, and daily highs for the month at that location averaged 102 degrees.

...1987... The deadliest tornado in 75 years struck Edmonton, Alberta, killing 26 persons and injuring 200 others. The twister caused more than 75 million dollars damage along its nineteen mile path, leaving 400 families homeless. At the Evergreen Mobile Home Park, up to 200 of the 720 homes were flattened by the tornado. (The National Severe Storms Forecast Center) Afternoon highs of 106 degrees at Aberdeen SD, and 102 degrees at Ottumwa IA and Rapid City SD, established records for the date. It marked the seventh straight day of 100 degree heat for Rapid City. Baltimore MD reported a record twenty-two days of 90 degree weather in July. Evening thunderstorms produced golf ball size hail at Lemmon SD, and wind gusts to 80 mph at Beulah ND.

...1988... Twenty-one cities in the north central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including Sioux City IA with a reading of 107 degrees. The reading of 105 degrees at Minneapolis MN was their hottest since 1936. Pierre SD and Chamberlain SD, with highs of 108 degrees, were just one degree shy of the hot spot in the nation, Palm Springs CA.

...1989... Overnight thunderstorms soaked eastern Kansas and western Missouri with heavy rain. Four and a half inches of rain was reported at Nevada MO. Evening thunderstorms in Oklahoma produced wind gusts to 75 mph at Covington. Six cities in the north central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including Williston ND with a reading of 105 degrees.

...1991... Roswell, New Mexico closed out the month with a total of 6.88 inches of rain to set a new record for the month of July. The old record was 6.55 inches set back in July of 1898.

...1992... A very cool and wet July prevailed over the U.S. during the past month. Flint, Michigan, Albany, New York, Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota, Winslow, Arizona, and Aberdeen, South Dakota were only a few stations that experienced their coolest July on record. Buffalo, New York, Kansas city, Missouri, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and Columbus, Ohio were just a sample of the stations that had their wettest July on record. Columbus also had a record 29 cloudy days and a record 17 days with thunderstorms. -213 tornadoes touched down across the U.S. during the past month to set a new all-time record for number of tornadoes in July.

...1993... A hot month in Atlanta, Georgia! - the average temperature was 85.6 degrees, to set not only the hottest July on record but also the hottest month ever for the city. -239 tornadoes were reported in the U.S. for the past month, to set another new record for the most tornadoes in July

...1999... New York City (Central Park) had its warmest month on record with an average temperature of 81.4 degrees

...2003... Salt Lake City, Utah had its warmest month on record with an average temperature of 83.4 degrees. 14 days reached 100 degrees during the month and but one day failed to hit 90 degrees. -Cheyenne, Wyoming recorded it warmest month on record with an average temperature of 75.1 degrees. -The average temperature for Phoenix, Arizona for the past month was 97.7 degrees -- its hottest month on record. -Grand Junction, Colorado had its warmest month ever with an average temperature of 84.1 degrees. -Fairbanks, Alaska recorded 5.96 inches of rain for the month -- its wettest July on record.

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