July 30 Weather History

...1683... In Connecticut, "a considerable flood arose unexpectedly, which proved detrimental to many in that colony". This was the first of two hurricane floods within 30 days.

...1917... At Newport, Rhode Island the high temperature rose to 93 degrees, setting the record high for the date. It was later tied in 1949.

...1949... The state record for Connecticut was established when the town of Greenville registered an afternoon high of 102 degrees.

...1960... The remnants of Hurricane Brenda passed through central Connecticut as an extra tropical depression on this date. Newport, Rhode Island barometric fell to 29.25 inches of mercury, breaking the old record of 29.66 wet in 1943,  and a wind gust of 48 miles was recorded, which broke the daily record of 31 miles per hour set in 1950.

...1963... Two rainfall records were broken on this day at Newport, Rhode Island. The day total rain was 2.77 inches, breaking the old record of .92 inches that was set in 1926 and the hourly rainfall was 1.07 inches, breaking the previous record of .06 inches set in 1953.

...1965... The temperature at Portland OR reached 107 degrees to equal their all-time record high.

...1968... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island dipped to 54 degrees, breaking the previous record of 55 degrees set in 1956.

...1979... A forty-minute hailstorm bombed Fort Collins CO with baseball to softball size hail. Two thousand homes and 2500 automobiles were damaged, and about 25 persons were injured, mainly when hit on the head by the huge stones. A three month old baby died later of injuries.

...1987... Afternoon highs of 105 degrees at Aberdeen SD, 102 degrees at Bismarck ND, and 102 degrees at Pueblo CO, were records for the date. Pueblo CO reported just .09 inch of rain for the first thirty days of the month.

...1988... A dozen cities in the north central and northeastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Downtown Baltimore MD hit 103 degrees, marking a record eight days of 100 degree heat for the month, and ten for the year. The high of 101 degrees at Billings MT marked a record seventeen days of 100 degree heat for the year. Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the northeast, with nearly fifty reports of large hail or damaging winds in Pennsylvania and New York State. A tree fell on a car at Erie PA injuring four persons.

...1989... Morning thunderstorms over central Missouri deluged Columbia with 5.98 inches of rain causing flash flooding. Daytime thunder- storms in Kentucky drenched Paducah with 1.73 inches of rain in less than half an hour. Evening thunderstorms in the north central U.S. produced wind gusts to 78 mph east of Moccasin MT.

...2002... The heat index was a hot 100 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the old record of 92 degrees set back in 1969.

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