July 28 Weather History

...1819... A small but intense hurricane passed over Bay Saint Louis MS. The hurricane was considered the worst in fifty years. Few houses were left standing either at Bay Saint Louis or at Pass Christian, and much of the Mississippi coast was desolate following the storm. A U.S. cutter was lost along with its thirty-nine crew members. The storm struck the same area that was hit 150 years later by Hurricane Camille.

...1930... The temperature at Greensburg KY soared to 114 degrees to set a state record.

...1934... The temperature at Grofino ID climbed to 118 degrees to establish a record for Idaho.

...1952... A severe storm with hail up to an inch and a half in diameter broke windows, ruined roofs, and stripped trees of leaves near Benson AZ. The temperature dropped to 37 degrees, as hail was three to four inches deep, with drifts 46 inches high.

...1986... Severe thunderstorms moving out of South Dakota across Iowa produce high winds which derailed eighteen piggyback trailer cars of a westbound freight train near Boone IA. Sixteen of the cars fell 187 feet into the Des Moines River. The thunderstorms also spawned a number of tornadoes, including one which caused twenty-five to fifty million dollars damage at Sloan, near Sioux City IA.

...1987... Thunderstorms in Nevada produced wind gusts to 70 mph at Searchlight, reducing visibilities to near zero in blowing dust and sand. Thunderstorms in Montana drenched Lonesome Lake with 3.78 inches of rain.

...1988... Thunderstorms drenched Wilmington NC with 3.33 inches of rain, bringing their monthly total 14.46 inches. Seven cities in Michigan and Minnesota reported record high temperatures for the date. Marquette MI hit 99 degrees, and the record high of 94 degrees at Flint MI was their tenth of the month. (The National Weather Summary)

...1989... Afternoon thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds in Massachusetts. Early evening thunderstorms over Florida produced wind gusts to 68 mph at Fort Myers, and evening thunder-storms in South Dakota produced nearly two inches of rain in twenty minutes at Pierpoint. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

...1995... Yuma, Arizona topped out at a blistering 124 degrees for the city's all-time record high temperature.

...1997... Thunderstorms dumped up to 10 inches of rain just west of Fort Collins, Colorado and 6.17 inches in the city setting the stage for major flash flooding on this date and into the 29th. 5 people were killed and total damage was $200 million. 120 mobile homes and 19 frame houses were destroyed.

...2009... Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia both set their all-time record high temperatures with 103 and 93 degrees, respectively.

...2012... A slow moving thunderstorm dropped 2.51 inches of rain in one hour at Middletown Rhode Island, establishing an all time record there.

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