July 25 Weather History

...1838... A tornado tore through Allegheny County in New York, doing tremendous damage to the forest.

...1891... The mercury hit 109 degrees at Los Angeles CA marking the peak of a torrid heat wave.

...1953... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island was a very cool 53 degrees, breaking the old record of 56 degrees that was set in 1893 and 1912.

...1956... The Andrea Doria sank in dense fog near Nantucket Lightship MA. The ship was rammed by the Swedish-American liner, Stockholm, forty-five miles off the coast of Massachusetts. Fifty-two persons drowned, or were killed by the impact.

...1972... At Newport, Rhode Island the high temperature peaked at 90 degrees, breaking the old record of 87 degrees set back in 1921.

...1986... Tremendous hailstones pounded parts of South Dakota damaging crops, buildings and vehicles. Hail piled two feet deep at Black Hawk and northern Rapid City. Hail an inch and a quarter in diameter fell for 85 minutes near Miller and Huron, piling up to depths of two feet.

...1987... Sixteen cities in the eastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Beckley WV equaled their all-time record high of 91 degrees, established just the previous day. It marked their fourth day in a row of 90 degree heat, after hitting 90 degrees just twice in the previous 25 years of records. The water temperature of Lake Erie at Buffalo NY reached 79 degrees, the warmest reading in 52 years of records.

...1988... Thunderstorms produced severe weather from central Kansas to western Kentucky and southern Illinois during the day. Thunder- storms produced tennis ball size hail at Union MO, and winds gusts to 65 mph at Sedalia MO. Five cities in Washington and Oregon reported record high temperatures for the date. Medford OR hit 107 degrees.

...1989... Early afternoon thunderstorms over west central Missouri drenched the town of Ferguson with four inches of rain. Early evening thunderstorms in Pennsylvania produced more than two inches of rain north of Avella in one hour.

...1995... The dew point only rose to 77 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island on this date, breaking the old record of 76 degrees that was set the year before in 1994.

...1997... Tropical Storm Danny passed to the southeast of New England on this, bringing .83 inches of rain to Newport, Rhode Island, along with a wind gust of 39 miles per hour and a low barometric pressure of 29.85 inches of mercury. The day high temperature only got to 65 degrees, breaking the old record of 66 degrees set back in 1902 and 1964.

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