July 17 Weather History

...1934... One of the worst heat waves in the history of the nation commenced. During the last two weeks of the month extreme heat claimed 679 lives in Michigan, including 300 in Detroit alone.

...1941... A prolonged heat wave over Washington State finally came to an end. Lightning from untimely thunderstorms was responsible for 598 forest fires.

...1952... Thunderstorms helped the temperature at Key West FL to dip to 69 degrees, to equal their July record established on the first of July in 1923.

...1953... The high temperature peaked at 90 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the old record of 88 degrees set in 1937.

...1954... At Newport, Rhode Island fell to 49 degrees, breaking the previous record of 52 degrees that was set in 1946.

...1957... At Newport, Rhode Island the relative humidity was a dry 29%, breaking the old record of 35% set in 1953.  On a warm and sunny day at Wilmington DE, with a high of 86 degrees, a dust devil suddenly appeared. It tore most the roof off one house, and stripped shingles from a neighboring house. A TV aerial was toppled, and clothes were blown off clothes lines.

...1984... Corpus Christi, Texas, tied both its daily record low (70) and daily record high (99 degrees).

...1987... Slow moving thunderstorms caused flooding on the Guadalupe River in Texas resulting in tragic loss of life. A bus and van leaving a summer youth camp stalled near the rapidly rising river, just west of the town of Comfort, and a powerful surge of water swept away 43 persons, mostly teenagers. Ten drowned in the floodwaters. Most of the others were rescued from tree tops by helicopter.

...1988... A dozen cities in the eastern U.S., and six others in California, reported record high temperatures for the date. Downtown San Francisco CA, with a high of 103 degrees, obliterated their previous record high of 82 degrees. Philadelphia PA reported a record five straight days of 100 degree heat, and Baltimore MD reported a record eight days of 100 degree weather for the year. Afternoon and evening thunderstorms produced severe weather along the Middle Atlantic Coast, and over southern New England.

...1989... At Newport, Rhode Island 2.67 inches of rain fell, setting the record high rainfall for the date, breaking the previous record of 1.16 inches set back in 1910 and .69 inches of rain fell in one hour, breaking that record of .45 inches that was set in 1951.  Thunderstorms produced severe weather from South Dakota to Louisiana, with 126 reports of large hail and damaging winds during the day and night. Thunderstorms in Nebraska produced hail four inches in diameter in Frontier County, and at North Platte, causing millions of dollars damage to crops in Frontier County. Thunderstorms in Oklahoma produced wind gusts to 90 mph at Peggs. Tahlequah OK was drenched with 5.25 inches of rain.

...1994... Atlanta, Georgia endured its 14th day in a row with rain, tying the record. This month ended up as Atlanta's wettest ever, with 17.71 inches of rain.

...1997... The dew point rose to a very muggy 79 degrees (tied for the second highest at the station), breaking the record for the date, the old record was 74 degrees set in 1977.

...2005... Needles, California soared to 125 degrees for it all-time highest temperature. The same record was set at Kingman, Arizona with 113 degrees.

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