July 15 Weather History

...1799.. A famous hailstorm occurred in southeastern Connecticut, with hailstones 2 to 3 inches in diameter. The monograph printed an article "an impartial relation of the hail-storm of the fifteenth of July".

...1916... A dying South Atlantic Coast storm produced torrential rains in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Altapass NC was drenched with more than 22 inches of rain, a 24 hour rainfall record for the state. Flooding resulted in considerable damage, particularly to railroads.

...1954... The temperature at Balcony Falls VA soared to 110 degrees to establish a state record.

...1983... The Big Thompson Creek in Colorado flooded for the second time in seven years, claiming three lives, and filling the town of Estes Park with eight to ten feet of water.

...1987... Unseasonably cool weather spread into the south central and eastern U.S. Fifteen cities reported record low temperatures for the date, including Houghton Lake MI with a reading of 37 degrees. The high temperature for the date of 58 degrees at Flint MI was their coolest of record for July. Thunderstorms spawned several tornadoes in Illinois and Indiana, injuring a cow near Donovan IL.

...1988... Twenty-six cities east of the Mississippi River reported record high temperatures for the date. Charleston WV established an all-time record high with a reading of 103 degrees, and Chicago IL reported a record fifth day of 100 degree heat for the year. A severe thunderstorm moving across Omaha NE and the Council Bluffs area of west central Iowa spawned three tornadoes which injured 88 persons, and also produced high winds which injured 18 others. Winds at the Omaha Eppley Airport reached 92 mph. Damage from the storm was estimated at 43 million dollars.

...1989... Thunderstorms drenched Kansas City MO with 4.16 inches of rain, a record for the date. Two and a half inches of rain deluged the city between Noon and 1 PM. Afternoon thunderstorms in South Carolina deluged Williamstown with six inches of rain in ninety minutes, including four inches in little more than half an hour.

...1993... Severe thunderstorms over the Northern Plains produced 4.5 diameter hail at Fort Robinson, Nebraska and 4 inch diameter hail at Hot Springs, South Dakota. Torrential rains were widespread across North Dakota, with Jamestown recording 6.40 inches of rain, Fargo 5.09 inches, and Bismarck 4.08 inches.

...1995... An unusually strong mesoscale convective complex for the Northeast, know as a derecho, raced across New York and western New England at a speed in excess of 70 mph during the morning hours. A tremendous amount of damage occurred from high winds. Every county (19) in the Albany National Weather Service Forecast Area reported severe weather. Fatalities from falling trees occurred at Lake Lila, Westerlo, and Lake Luzerne -- all in New York (total 3 fatalities). A 20 mile swath of trees were toppled in Hamilton County. In Massachusetts, winds reached 92 mph at Otis with one person killed by downed power lines. Small tornadoes occurred at Otis with one person killed by downed power lines. Small tornadoes occurred at Greenfield and Huntington. A wind gust to 85 mph was recorded at Upton. -Oppressive heat and humidity continued across the northeast. Danbury, Connecticut hit 106 degrees to set a new high temperature record for the state. At 4pm local time, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania had a torrid temperature/dew point combination of 102/82.

...1997... At Newport, Rhode Island the dew point was a very muggy 77 degrees, breaking the old record of 74 degrees set in 1995 and the heat index was 101 degrees, breaking that record of 94 degrees that was set in 1983. The wind gusted only to 9 miles per hour, setting the record low wind gust for the date, the previous record was 9 miles per hour set in 1976.

...1999... The low temperature fell to 54 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the old record of 55 degrees that was set in 1941.

...2003... Phoenix, Arizona never dropped below 96 degrees on this day for its warmest minimum high temperature on record.

...2006... Rapid City, South Dakota hit 111 degrees for its all-time record high temperature. The same record was set at Pierre, South Dakota with a reading of 117 degrees.

...2013... At Newport, Rhode Island the high temperature peaked at 91 degrees, setting the record high temperature for the date. The previous record of 90 degrees was set in 1997.

...2015... Heavy rain in thunderstorms dumped 1.33 inches of rain in one hour (.91 inches in a half hour) at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the old record of .77 inches that was set in 1978.

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