July 7 Weather History

...1777... On a very humid morning, the Battle of Hubbardston was fought in western Vermont.

...1905... The mercury soared to 127 degrees at Parker AZ to tie the state record established at Fort Mohave on the 15th of June in 1896.

...1915... A severe wind and thunderstorm caused heavy damage and 38 deaths in and near Cincinnati OH. Many older buildings were demolished. The steamship "Dick Fulton" was overturned.

...1925... The wind gusted to 40 miles per hour on this day at Newport, Rhode Island, setting the record high gust for the date; it was later tied in 1984.

...1965... The low temperature dipped to 49 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island breaking the record of 54 degrees set in 1906 and 1963.

...1981... At Newport, Rhode Island, the high temperature peaked at 92 degrees, breaking the old record of 90 degrees that was set in 1900, 1952 and 1986 and it was the first of a five day 90 degree plus day streak, which set the record for the longest such streak at the station.   Montana was in the midst of a snowstorm that dumped ten inches at Glacier National Park, and produced winds to 90 mph. Meanwhile, Denver CO set a record high with a reading of 101 degrees.

...1987... Thunderstorms spawned eight tornadoes in Colorado, and three in West Texas. Thunderstorms also produced softball size hail at Bulla TX. In the midst of a record thirty-nine day string of 100 degree days, the temperature at Tucson AZ dipped to 66 degrees, marking their third straight record low for the date.

...1988... Thirty-eight cities in the north central and northeastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date. Youngstown OH hit 100 degrees, and for the second day in a row, Flint MI reached 101 degrees, equaling all-time records for those two cities.

...1989... Thunderstorms produced severe weather during the day, with more than 100 reports of large hail and damaging winds from Ohio to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Thunderstorm winds reached 90 mph in Sullivan County NH, and golf ball size hail was reported in Pennsylvania. Twenty-four cities, mostly in the southwestern U.S., reported record high temperatures for the date. Afternoon highs of 105 degrees at Cedar City UT and 114 degrees at Moab UT were all-time records for those locations.

...1994... The dew point was a very muggy 78 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 74 degrees set in 1993.

...1999... At Newport, Rhode Island the midnight temperature was a very warm 79 degrees, breaking the record of 75 degrees, set in 1971.

...2010... Amarillo, Texas recorded 7.25 inches of rain in 24 hours ending on the 8th for it greatest 24 hour rainfall on record. 5.74 inches was recorded on the 7th for it greatest calendar day rainfall on record.

...2013... The heat index was a hot 100 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the old record of 99 degrees set in 2010.

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