July 1 Weather History

...1792... A tremendous storm (a tornado or hurricane) hit Philadelphia and New York City. Many young people were drowned while out boating on that Sunday.

...1911... The high of just 79 degrees at Phoenix AZ was their coolest daily maximum of record for the month of July. The normal daily high for July 1st is 105 degrees.

...1814... A tornado crossed Saint Helena Sound in South Carolina, drowning 23 people who were out on the sound in ships.

...1876... In the Douglas, Wisconsin area, a 25 square mile ice field was still in existence at the head of Lake Superior.

...1911... The high of just 79 degrees at Phoenix, Arizona was the city's coolest daily maximum of record for the month of July. The normal high for this date is 105 degrees.

...1915... Pawtucket, Rhode Island received a deluge of rain containing 5.1 inches in 24 hours, beginning a very wet July for the area.

...1933... Lightning struck an oil storage area near Elizabeth, New Jersey, destroying 300,000 barrels at the Texas Oil Company plant

...1943... The low temperature fell to 51 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island setting the record low for the date. It was later tied in 1952 and 1988.

...1964... At Newport, Rhode Island the high temperature peaked at 91 degrees, setting the record high for the date. It was later tied in 1968. The midnight temperature record was broken also, was it was 80 degrees, breaking the record of 73 degrees that was set in 1959.

...1968... The heat index rose to 100 degrees on this day at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 98 degrees set in 1964.

...1979... It snowed almost half a foot (5.8 inches) at Stampede Pass WA, a July record.

...1987... Lake Charles LA was drenched with a month's worth of rain during the early morning. More than five inches of rain soaked the city, including 2.68 inches in one hour. A thunderstorm in the southern Yakima Valley of Washington State produced high winds which downed trees up to six feet in diameter.

...1988... Twenty-six cities in the north central and northeastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date. Lows of 48 degrees at Providence RI, 48 degrees at Roanoke VA, 49 degrees at Stratford CT, and 48 degrees at Wilmington DE, were records for the month of July. Boston MA equaled their record for July with a low of 50 degrees. Five inches of snow whitened Mount Washington NH.

...1989... Showers and thunderstorms associated with the low pressure system which was once Tropical Storm Allison continued to drench parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and eastern Texas. Late night thunderstorms produced 12.58 inches of rain at Biloxi MS in six hours, and 10.73 inches at Gulfport MS. Flooding in Mississippi over the first six days of the month caused 55 million dollars damage.

...2002... San Antonio, Texas recorded 9.52 inches of rain on this day to set a new record for its greatest rainfall for the entire month of July.

...2009... Two rainfall records were broken on this day at Newport, Rhode Island when 2.06 inches rain for the day's total, breaking the record of 1.04 inches set in 1979. The hourly record rainfall was shattered when 1.34 inches fell in an hour, breaking the record of .72 inches that was set 1973. The 1.34 hour rainfall was the second highest recorded for the month of July.

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