January 31 Weather History

...1888... A snowy January left 54 inches of snow on the ground in the lower elevations of Northfield, Vermont.

...1911... Tamarack CA was without snow the first eight days of the month, but by the end of January had been buried under 390 inches of snow, a record monthly total for the U.S.

...1920... The low temperature dipped to 5 degrees below zero at Newport, Rhode Island, setting a new record for the date. The previous was 3 degrees set back in 1908.

...1937... A snowstorm set records in Oregon with 16 inches recorded at Portland and 25 inches at Salem.

...1949... The temperature at San Antonio TX plunged to a record low of one degree below zero. Helena MT reached 42 degrees below zero.

...1958... The first United States satellite was launched.

...1966... A blizzard struck the northeastern U.S. When the storm came to an end, twenty inches of snow covered the ground at Washington D.C.  At Newport, Rhode Island the barometric pressure fell to 28.93 inches, breaking the record of 29.29 inches set in 1942 and a wind gust of 55 miles per hour, breaking the record of 50 miles per hour which was set in 1956.

...1978... South Bend, Indiana was buried under 86.1 inches of snow for the month -- by far the city's snowiest month ever.

...1982... A snowstorm struck Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. Twenty-five inches of snow at Greenville IL, located east of Saint Louis, paralyzed the community. The storm left 4000 motorists stranded for two days.

...1987... A storm in the Pacific Northwest produced wind gusts to 85 mph in Oregon, and nearly two inches of rain in twelve hours in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. Ten inches of snow at Stampede Pass WA brought their total snow cover to 84 inches.

...1988... Thirty-one cities in the central and northeastern U.S. reported new record high temperatures for the date, with many occurring during the early morning hours. Temperatures in western New York State reached the 60s early in the day. Strong northerly winds in the north central U.S. produced wind chill readings as cold as 60 degrees below zero in North Dakota.

...1989... The barometric pressure at Norway AK reached 31.85 inches (1078.4 mb) establishing an all-time record for the North American Continent. The temperature at the time of the record was about 46 degrees below zero. Severe arctic cold began to invade the north central U.S. The temperature at Great Falls MT plunged 85 degrees in 36 hours. Valentine NE plummeted from a record high of 70 degrees to zero in just nine hours. Northwest winds gusted to 86 mph at Lander WY, and wind chill readings of 80 degrees below zero were reported in Montana. Sixty-four cities in the central U.S. reported record highs for the date as readings reached the 60s in Michigan and the 80s in Kansas.

...1990... High winds in Montana on the 28th, gusting to 77 mph at Judith Gap, were followed by three days of snow. Heavy snow fell over northwest Montana, with up to 24 inches reported in the mountains. An avalanche covered the road near Essex with six feet of snow. Snow and high winds also plagued parts of the southwestern U.S. Winds gusted to 54 mph at Show Low AZ, and Flagstaff AZ was blanketed with eight inches of snow.

...1991... The past month was the wettest January ever for Apalachicola, Florida. 20.80 inches of rain fell, or 582 percent of normal!! -Lake Charles, Louisiana ended up with 14.29 inches of rain for the month which broke the previous record of 12.69 inches set back in January 1974.

...1994... Caribou, Maine recorded its coldest month ever. The average temperature for the month was a frigid 0.7 degrees below zero. The old record was 1.3 degrees set in January 1957.

...1997... Marquette, Michigan measured 91.7 inches of snow for the month -- the city's greatest monthly snowfall on record.

...2003... A hot one in southern California! Riverside recorded a maximum temperature of 97 degrees, one degree shy of the all-time U.S. January record of 98 degrees. Other impressive readings were 96 degrees at Santa Ana, 94 degrees at Thermal, 93 degrees at Long Beach, 91 degrees at Los Angeles, and 77 degrees on top of Mount Wilson. All of these temperatures for each of these locations are all-time record highs for January.

...2004... A four day snow squall siege came to an end off of Lake Ontario, burying sections of Oswego County, New York with as much as 7 feet of snow. Some specific totals included 86 inches at Parish, 67 inches at Minetto, and 57 inches at Redfield. -Recent heavy snows set records at Glasgow, Montana. The 32.2 inches for the past month set a new snowfall record for January, and seasonal snowfall total now stood at 61.1 inches -- breaking the previous seasonal snowfall record of 60.9 inches set in 1951-52.

...2005... The snow depth at Newport, Rhode Island was 23 inche3s, breaking the record of 16 inches set back in 1943.

...2007... Sacramento, California has its driest January on record with with only .07 inches precipitation for the month.

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