January 27 Weather History

...1772... The "Washington and Jefferson Snowstorm" occurred. George Washington reported three feet of snow at Mount Vernon, and Thomas Jefferson recorded about three feet at Monticello.

...1805... Southeastern New York and New England were in the middle of a 3 day snowstorm. Snow fell continuously for 48 hours in New York City where two feet reportedly accumulated.

...1894... 19.4 inches of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island to establish the all-time highest daily snowfall record there.

...1916... San Francisco, California hit their lowest pressure ever, 28.85 inches, in the second big storm of the season.

...1927... The high barometric pressure reading reached 30.92 inches at Newport, Rhode Island establishing the record high for the date.

...1940... Florida had a 3 day long freeze with the lowest temperatures ever in January. Mason, Florida dropped to 8 degrees. 11 million boxes of citrus were damaged, resulting in a 10 million dollar loss. -Georgia's record low temperature of 17 degrees below zero was set near Calhoun.

...1966... Oswego NY was in the midst of a five day lake effect storm which left the town buried under 102 inches of snow.

...1967... Residents of Chicago IL began to dig out from a storm which produced 23 inches of snow in 29 hours. The snow paralyzed the city and suburbs for days, and business losses were enormous.

...1989... The last half of January was bitterly cold over most of Alaska. Nearly thirty stations established all-time record low temperatures. On this date Tanana reported a low of -76 degrees. Daily highs of -66 degrees were reported at Chandalar Lake on the 22nd, and at Ambler on the 26th.

...1986... The low barometric pressure fell to 28.85 inches at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 28.96 set in 1971.

...1987... A powerful storm moving into the western U.S. produced 13 inches of snow at Daggett Pass NV, and 16 inches in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. Winds gusted to 63 mph at Reno NV, and wind gusts in Oregon exceeded 80 mph.

...1988... The nation got a breather from winter storms, however, cold arctic air settled into the southeastern U.S. Hollywood FL reported a record low reading of 39 degrees.

...1989... Low pressure in north central Alaska continued to direct air across northern Siberia and the edges of the Arctic Circle into the state. The temperature at Fairbanks remained colder than 40 degrees below zero for the eighth day in a row. Lows of 68 below at Galena, 74 below at McGrath, and 76 below at Tanana, were new records for the date. Wind chill readings were colder than 100 degrees below zero.

...1990... Another in a series of cold fronts brought high winds to the northwestern U.S., and more heavy snow to some of the higher elevations. The series of vigorous cold fronts crossing the area between the 23rd and the 27th of the month produced up to 60 inches of snow in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State.

...1994... A frigid arctic air was in place over New England and New York as a massive 1052 millibars high pressure provided ideal radiation cooling. Crown Point, New York dipped to 48 degrees below zero and Shoreham, Vermont checked in with 46 degrees below zero, Burlington, Vermont broke its old record daily low by 9 degrees with a reading of 29 degrees below zero and Caribou, Maine set a record low for the third day in a row with a temperature of 23 degrees below zero.

...2005... At Newport, Rhode Island the snow depth on this day was 27 inches, which tied two other days that month for the all time record high snow depth for January.

...2011... 9.2 inches of snow at Windsor Locks, Connecticut on this day brought its monthly snowfall total to 54.3 inches -- the city's snowiest month on record.

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