January 26 Weather History

...1698... The Charlestown to Boston ferry was frozen for 6 weeks in the severest winter of the 17th century. Heavy February snows followed.

...1705... An account of the "deep snow high tide" in New Hampshire read "very stormy and searching".

...1839... A great barometric depression brought rains, thaw, and floods to the area from eastern Pennsylvania to Maine and heavy snows from western Pennsylvania to northern Kentucky.

...1843... A destructive tornado hit a factory in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, killing many people.

...1937... Flooding occurred along the Ohio river from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cairo, Illinois. The river was 80 feet above flood stage at Cincinnati, Ohio.

...1978... At Newport, Rhode Island the barometric pressure fell to 28.62 inches, which broke the record of 29.01 inches that was set in 1971 and a wind gust of 63 miles per hour was recorded, breaking the record of 51 miles per hour which was set in 1964.  An extremely powerful storm, known as the Cleveland Superbomb, set record low barometric pressure readings from Atlanta, Georgia to Ontario, Canada. The central pressure of the storm dropped to 957 millibars (28.26 inches) -- very rare for a storm over land and is the lowest non-tropical pressure on record for the continental U.S. One to three feet of snow fell in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Winds gusts hit 100 mph in Ohio with snow drifts as high as 25 feet. The storm caused 70 fatalities.

...1983... The California coast was battered by a storm which produced record high tides, thirty-two foot waves, and mudslides, causing millions of dollars damage. The storm then moved east and dumped four feet of snow on Lake Tahoe. (22nd-29th).

...1987... A winter storm spread heavy snow across the Middle and Northern Atlantic Coast States, with 18 inches reported at Vineland NJ, and wind gusts to 65 mph at Chatham MA. Snow cover in Virginia ranged up to thirty inches following this second major storm in just one week.

...1988... A snowstorm in the northeastern U.S. produced 19 inches at Austerlitz NY and Stillwater NY. A storm in the Great Lakes Region left 16.5 inches at Marquette MI, for a total of 43 inches in six days.

...1989... Snow and high winds created blizzard-like conditions in northwestern Vermont. Winds at Saint Albins gusted to 88 mph. In Alaska, the town of Cold Foot (located north of Fairbanks) reported a morning low of 75 degrees below zero.

...1990... A winter storm spread high winds from the northwestern U.S. to Wyoming and Colorado, with heavy snow in some of the high elevations. Stevens Pass WA received 17 inches of snow, half of which fell in four hours. In extreme northwest Wyoming, Togwotee Mountain Lodge received 24 inches of snow. Winds in Colorado gusted to 90 mph at Rollinsville.

...1994... 3.6 inches of snow on this day pushed the monthly snowfall at Wilkes-Barre Scranton, Pennsylvania to 42.0 inches -- the city's snowiest month ever.

...1996... A major storm system dumped heavy snow across the central U.S. 15.3 inches was recorded at Green Bay, Wisconsin. The 13.7 inches at Des Moines, Iowa was the city's biggest snowstorm in nearly 23 years. 13 inches of snow fell in 24 hours at la Crosse, Wisconsin, the city's greatest 24 hour snowfall total ever in January. Madison, Wisconsin record 8 inches of snow in just two hours. Thunderstorms spawned by the same storm system deluged Birmingham, Alabama with 4.71 inches of rain, the greatest daily January rainfall on record for the location.

...2005... The snow depth was 25 inches of snow at Newport, Rhode Island, which broke the record of 15 inches that was set back in 1920.

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