January 24 Weather Summary

...1857... The coldest weather in pre-U.S. Weather Bureau history occurred with temperatures of 50 degrees below zero reported in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The temperature was 30 degrees below zero in Boston, Massachusetts and 11 degrees below zero on Nantucket Island.

...1916... The temperature at Browning MT plunged 100 degrees in just 24 hours, from 44 degrees above zero to 56 degrees below zero. It was a record 24 hour temperature drop for the U.S.

...1922... The record low temperature for the state of Wisconsin was set at Danbury when the temperature dipped to 54 degrees below zero.

...1935... Snowstorms hit the northeastern U.S. and the Pacific Northwest producing record 24 hour snowfall totals of 23 inches at Portland ME and 52 inches at Winthrop MA.

...1945... The wind gusted to 60 miles per hour at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 47 miles per hour set in 1934.

...1956... Thirty-eight inches of rain deluged the Kilauea Sugar Plantation of Hawaii in 24 hours, including twelve inches in just one hour.

...1963... A great arctic outbreak reached the southern U.S. The cold wave broke many records for duration of cold weather along the Gulf Coast. A reading of 15 degrees below zero at Nashville TN was an all-time record low for that location.

...1965... 9 inches of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 7.5 inches set back in 1920.

...1967... A outbreak of 32 tornadoes struck the central U.S. with 14 tornadoes in Iowa, 9 in Missouri, 8 in Illinois, and 1 in Wisconsin. Never had there been a recorded tornado in Iowa in January until this day. 7 people were killed in this outbreak. 3 fatalities and 216 injuries occurred in the St. Louis, Missouri area from a F4 tornado that tracked 21 miles across St. Louis County. This was the furthest north tornado outbreak ever recorded for the winter season in the U.S.

...1982... Chinook winds plagued the foothills of southeastern Wyoming and northern and central Colorado for the second straight Sunday. The winds gusted to 140 mph at Wondervu CO, located northeast of Denver. Chinook winds a week earlier produced wind gusts to 137 mph.

...1986... The barometric pressure rose to 30.88 inches of mercury, breaking the record of 30.54 inches that was set in 1957.

...1987... Temperatures in Minnesota plunged far below the zero mark. International Falls MN reported a morning low of 35 degrees below zero, and Warroad MN was the cold spot in the nation with a low of 45 below zero. A storm developing in northeastern Texas produced severe thunderstorms with large hail in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Camden AR reported golf ball size hail.

...1988... A blizzard rapidly developed in the north central U.S. In just one hour weather conditions in eastern North Dakota switched from sunny skies, light winds and temperature readings in the 20s, to rapidly falling temperatures and near zero visibility in snow and blowing snow. High winds in Wyoming, gusting to 72 mph at Gillette, produced snow drifts sixteen feet high. Northwestern Iowa experienced its second blizzard in just 24 hours. High winds in Iowa produced wind chill readings as cold as 65 degrees below zero.

...1989... Heavy snow blanketed the Rockies and the Northern High Plains Region. Hettinger ND received 12 inches of snow. Wolf Creek Pass CO was blanketed with 16 inches of snow in just 24 hours. Severe cold prevailed across Alaska. Between the 24th and the 29th of January, a total of thirty stations in the state report all-time record low temperatures.

...1990... A deep low pressure system brought high winds and heavy snow to the western Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Winds gusting to 82 mph at Shemya reduced the visibility to near zero in blowing snow. Rain and gale force winds lashed the northern Pacific coast. Thunderstorms produced locally heavy rains over the central Gulf coast states.

...2003... Snow occurred along the Florida's east coast for the first time since December 1989. Ocean effect snow showers were reported as far north as Flagler Beach to as far south as Fort Pierce.

...2005... The snow depth reached 25 inches at Newport, Rhode Island, shattering the previous record of 13 inches which was set in 1961.

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