January 23 Weather History

...1780... The coldest day of the coldest month of record in the northeastern U.S. A British Army thermometer in New York City registered a reading of 16 degrees below zero. During that infamous hard winter the harbor was frozen solid for five weeks, and the port was cut off from sea supply.

...1955... 3.5 inches of snow fell at Mobile, Alabama, the biggest snowfall in 55 years for the city.

...1957... A wind gust of 61 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 48 miles per hour that was set back in 1929.

...1969... A large F4 tornado ripped through Jefferson, Copiah, Simpson, Rankin, Smith, and Scott counties of Mississippi. The tornado tracked a total of 95 miles. 32 people were killed and 241 were injured.

...1971... The temperature at Prospect Creek AK plunged to 80 degrees below zero, the coldest reading of record for the United States.

...1976... It was a super cold day at Newport, Rhode Island when the temperature plummeted to 5 degrees below zero (breaking the record of 1 degree set in 1970), the day high temperature only got to 15 degrees, the dew point fell to 26 degrees below zero and the wind chill was 32 degrees below zero, all records for the date.

...1982... A blizzard struck the Upper Midwest. Winds gusting up to 60 mph created snow drifts 15 to 20 feet. 18.5 inches was recorded at Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota and 18 inches piled up Sioux City, Iowa.

...1987... At Newport, Rhode Island the barometric pressure  fell to 28.68 inches of mercury, breaking the record of 29.02 inches set in 1966.  Strong winds ushered bitterly cold air into the north central U.S., and produced snow squalls in the Great Lakes Region. Snowfall totals in northwest Lower Michigan ranged up to 17 inches in Leelanau County. Wind chill temperatures reached 70 degrees below zero at Sault Ste Marie MI and Hibbing MN.

...1988... Northeastern Colorado experienced its most severe windstorm in years. A wind gust to 92 mph was recorded at Boulder CO before the anemometer blew away, and in the mountains, a wind gust to 120 mph was reported at Mines Peak. The high winds blew down a partially constructed viaduct east of Boulder, as nine unanchored concrete girders, each weighing forty-five tons, were blown off their supports.

...1989... Low pressure brought heavy snow to Wyoming, with 18 inches reported at the Shoshone National Forest, and 17 inches in the Yellowstone Park area. Gunnison CO, with a low of 19 degrees below zero, was the cold spot in the nation for the twelfth day in a row.

...1990... A Pacific cold front brought strong and gusty winds to the northwestern U.S. Winds in southeastern Idaho gusted to 62 mph at Burley. Strong winds also prevailed along the eastern slopes of the northern and central Rockies. Winds in Wyoming gusted to 74 mph in Goshen County.

...2003... Heavy snow occurred on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Frisco recorded a foot of snow, with 10 inches at Buxton and Ocracoke. Snow drifts reached 3 to 4 feet.

...2005... The Blizzard of '05 dumped an enormous amount of snow on southern New England as an intense 979 millibars low passed southeast of Cape Cod. Snowfall totals in Massachusetts included 40.7 inches at Bridgewater, 38 inches at Plymouth and Salem, 36 inches at Sagamore, 24.1 inches at Worcester, and 22.5 inches at Boston. 23.4 inches was recorded at Providence, Rhode Island and 22 inches recorded at Newport, Rhode Island . Wind gusts hit 84 mph at Nantucket, Massachusetts and 83 mph at Sandwich, Massachusetts.

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