January 18 Weather History

...1857... A great cold storm swept across the Atlantic Seaboard. Snowfall totals of 12 inches were common, whole gales caused shipwrecks and damage property on islands, and temperatures near zero prevailed from Virginia northward. Great drifts of snow blocked transportation. Richmond VA was cut off from Washington DC for a week.

...1915... 2.05 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of .59 inches that fell in 1897.

...1930... The record low temperature for the state of Oregon was set at Seneca when the thermometer dipped to 54 degrees below zero.

...1943... The record low temperature for the state of Idaho was set at Island Park Dam when the temperature fell to 60 degrees below zero.

...1971... The temperatures soared to 95 degrees in Downtown Los Angeles, California for its hottest temperature ever recorded in January.

...1973... A baby was carried 300 to 400 yards by the strong winds of a tornado at Corey LA, yet received only minor injuries.

...1977... The record low temperature for the state of South Carolina was set near Long Creek when the mercury plunged to 20 degrees below zero

...1982... It was a cold morning in the northeast when the temperature at Newport Rhode Island dipped to 9 degrees below zero, which broke the daily record of 5 degrees below zero set back in 1954 and tied the all-time January low temperature that was set on January 15, 1957), the wind chill dipped to 31 degrees below zero, also setting a record for the date. . Princeton, New Jersey at 9 degrees below zero and Bridgehampton on Long Island at 10 degrees below zero, close to an all-time record.

...1986... A Pacific storm dumped heavy rains over northwestern Washington. 6 to 9 inches of rain was common in the Seattle area. There were 30 mudslides in the Seattle area alone. major flooding occurred along with tremendous land erosion. Land under a railroad track south of Seattle gave way, derailing an Amtrak train with 28 people injured as a result.

...1987... A storm in the south central U.S. blanketed Oklahoma City with eight inches of snow, their highest total since 1948. Snowfall totals in Oklahoma ranged up to 13 inches at Gage, with drifts five feet high. Roof collapses across the state resulted in seven million dollars damage.

...1988... A storm in the southwestern U.S. produced a 15 to 20 foot surf along the southern coast of California resulting in more than fifty million dollars damage. A small tornado in Orange County CA lifted a baseball dugout fifteen feet into the air and deposited it in the street, 150 yards away. The same storm also produced 26 inches of snow at Duck Creek UT.

...1989... While fair and mild weather prevailed across the forty-eight states, bitter cold gripped Alaska. The high temperature for the day at Fairbanks was 30 degrees below zero. Thunderstorms along the western Gulf coast drenched parts of southwest Houston with more than four inches of rain.

...1990... A winter storm produced heavy snow and high winds across the southwestern U.S. Snowfall totals ranged up to 18 inches at Lake Arrowhead CA and Ashford AZ. High winds in New Mexico gusted to 100 mph east of Albuquerque. Unseasonably warm weather continued from Texas to the Atlantic coast. Twenty cities reported record high temperatures for the date including Roanoke VA with a reading of 71 degrees.

...1993... Salt Lake City, Utah recorded .5 inches of snow on this day to push its seasonal snowfall to 76.0 inches to set a new seasonal snowfall record. The old record was 75.6 inches set back in the 1948-49 season. Total snowfall for the month at this point stood at 45.1 inches which is a record for any month. The old record was 41.9 inches set in 1977. -A big 3 day snowstorm came to an end at Valdez, Alaska over which time 57 inches of snow buried the city.

...1994... The massive overrunning snowstorm that had buried the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys the day before moved northeastward and clobbered interior sections of New England and the Mid Atlantic. Two day snowfall totals included 24 inches at Grafton, New Hampshire, 23 inches at Long Pond, Pennsylvania 22 inches at Patten, Maine and Hanover, New Hampshire, 20 inches at Eustis, Maine, and 19 inches at Caribou, Maine. 20 inches of new snow at Jay Peak, Vermont raised its snow cover to 91 inches. Wilkes-Barre Scranton, Pennsylvania checked in with 16.6 inches, which brought its monthly snowfall to 36.9 inches -- its snowiest January on record.-The next blast of arctic air spread over the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. Chicago, Illinois high temperature for the day reached only 11 degrees below zero -- tying its record for the lowest daily maximum temperature ever. Tower, Minnesota dropped to 44 degrees below zero for a morning low. -Super intense snow squalls commenced in the lee of Lake Ontario in New York state. Adams was buried under 36 inches of snow in in only 9 hours. Lowville picked up 25 inches for a total of 65 inches on the ground

...1999... Newport, Rhode Island recorded a wind gust of 55 miles per hour, breaking the record of 51 miles per hour, set back in 1901.

...2009... 6.3 inches of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island. This broke the record of 3.5 inches of snow that was set in 1937.

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