January 16 Weather History

...1831... The "Great Snowstorm" came to an end. This storm produced the heaviest snowfall over the largest area of any storm studied by weather historian David Ludlum. Accumulations exceeded 10 inches from the Ohio Valley across much of the Atlantic coast north of Georgia. Washington, DC reported 13 inches with 18 inches at Baltimore, Maryland, 18 to 36 inches near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 15 to 20 inches at new York city, and 20 to 30 inches over southern New England

...1959.. The low barometric pressure fell to 28.79 inches at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 29.26 inches, set in 1951.

...1964... Fort Worth TX received 7.5 inches of snow, and Dallas reported a foot of snow.

...1982... The second severe arctic outbreak of the year hit the United States. A vast anticyclone from British Columbia to Louisiana, was centered over Kansas at 30.50 inches. The zero line went into Texas with the temperature at Amarillo falling from 55 degrees to 1 degree below zero and Oklahoma city dropping from 62 degrees to 10 degrees.

...1987... A winter storm produced a total of 61 inches of snow at Rye CO, and wind gusts to 100 mph in Utah. The storm then spread heavy snow from the Texas panhandle to Indiana. Tulia TX received 16 inches of snow, and up to 14 inches was reported in western Oklahoma.

...1988... A small storm in the western U.S. produced a foot of snow and wind gusts to 70 mph in the Lake Tahoe Basin of Nevada. Showers and thunderstorms produced 2.28 inches of rain at Brownsville TX,their third highest total for any day in January.

...1989... Strong Chinook winds plagued much of the state of Wyoming. Winds gusted to 80 mph at Cody, and wind gusts to 100 mph were reported in eastern and northwestern Wyoming.

...1990... Heavy snow fell across the Prince Williams Sound area and the Susitna Valley of southern Alaska. Valdez was buried under 64.9 inches of snow in less than two days, including a record 47.5 inches in 24 hours. Up to 44 inches of snow was reported in the Susitna Valley. The heavy snow blocked roads, closed schools, and sank half a dozen vessels in the harbor.

...1994... Bitterly cold air prevailed across the great lakes and the northeastern U.S. Alpena, Michigan dipped to 28 degrees below zero to tie its record low for January. Rochester, New York plunged to 17 degrees below zero for a new record low temperature for January. Boston, Massachusetts mean temperature for the day was only 2 degrees -- the city's coldest day in 26 years.  Newport, Rhode Island day high temperature only climbed to 6 degrees above zero.  Watertown, New York was the cold spot in the nation, with a morning low of 43 degrees below zero.

...1995... Williston, North Dakota recorded 12.6 inches of snow in 24 hour for its greatest 24 hour snowfall on record.

...2004... It was a super cold day at Newport, Rhode Island when the temperature fell to 6 degrees below zero, breaking the record of 4 degrees below zero set in 1920 and the wind chill got down to 34 degrees below zero,  breaking the record of 28 degrees below zero set in 1994.

...2009... The temperature plunged to 50 degrees below zero at Big Black River, Maine for the state's coldest temperature on record.

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