January 10 Weather History

...1800... Savannah GA received a foot and a half of snow, and ten inches blanketed Charleston SC. It was the heaviest snowfall of record for the immediate Coastal Plain of the southeastern U.S.

...1836... A major winter storm, known as "The Big Snow", dumped 30 to 40 inches of the white stuff over northern Pennsylvania, interior New York, and western Pennsylvania. The storm also buried the coastal plain with 15 inches at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 18 inches at New York City, and 24 inches across southern New Jersey.

...1911... The temperature at Rapid City SD plunged 47 degrees in just fifteen minutes.

...1949... Snow was reported at San Diego CA for the first and only time since 1882. Snow was noted even on some of the beaches in parts of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Burbank reported 4.7 inches, and Long Beach and Laguna Beach received one inch of snow.

...1975... The "Storm of the Century" hit Minnesota. A severe blizzard moved northward across the state producing up to two feet of snow. High winds drove wind chill readings to 80 degrees below zero, and at Duluth MN the barometric pressure dipped to 28.55 inches. The storm, which claimed 35 lives, occurred on the 102nd anniversary of the infamous "Pioneer Blizzard" in Minnesota.

...1981... A severe arctic blast covered the eastern 2/3 of the country. records were set throughout the Midwest and the northern Plains with the lowest temperature at 36 degrees below zero at Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. Wind chills went down to 50 degrees below zero with a wind chill of 98 below reported at Fargo, North Dakota

...1982... The temperature at O'Hare Airport in Chicago IL plunged to an all-time record of 26 degrees below zero, and high winds drove the wind chill reading to 77 degrees below zero. The temperature in Downtown Chicago reached 23 degrees below zero. A week later a second arctic surge sent the temperature plunging back down to 25 degrees below zero.

...1987... Bitter cold air invaded the Rocky Mountain Region, with subzero readings reported as far south as Gallop NM. Pocatello ID reported a record low reading of 14 degrees below zero.

...1988... A storm in the northwestern U.S. produced wind gusts to 97 mph at Netarts OR, and up to two feet of snow in the mountains of Oregon.

...1989... The first documented January tornado of record in Utah struck the south part of Sandy. Asphalt shingles were driven one half inch into a fence. Clear skies, light winds, and up to 24 inches of snow cover, allowed the temperature to plunge to 45 degrees below zero at Roseau MN, and to -43 degrees at Warroad MN. The afternoon high at Grand Forks ND was 16 degrees below zero.

...1990... Strong southerly winds ahead of a Pacific cold front helped temperatures in the central U.S. soar as much as 50 degrees during the day. A total of fifty cities in the central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, with afternoon highs in the 70s reported as far north as Nebraska and eastern Colorado. Highs of 53 at devils Lake ND, 76 at Grand Island NE, 73 at Lincoln NE, and 73 at North Platte NE, established records for the month of January.

...1993... The greatest single snowstorm ever at Salt Lake City, Utah came to an end. The four day storm dumped 23.3 inches of snow on the city breaking the previous record of 21.6 inches set from March 12th to the 15th, 1944.

...1996... There were 24 inches of snow on the ground at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the record of 20 inches set back in 1904.  An clipper-type system produced more snow over the Mid Atlantic and Northeast. On the 9th, 3-6 inches of snow fell in the Washington, DC-Baltimore, Maryland area, still digging out from the blizzard just two days earlier. The clipper intensified over the waters just east of New England on the 10th and produced up to 9 inches of snow over northeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. The 5.4 inches at Boston raised its snow cover to 32 inches -- its greatest depth ever recorded. The 2.6 inches at Philadelphia brought its monthly snow total to 33.7 inches -- its snowiest month on record. This was the third snowstorm to affect the region in a week

...2001... Storms dumped more than seven inches of rain on parts of southern California, including Los Angeles, where nearly four inches of rain fell. The heavy rains caused mudslides and road closures along much of California's central coast and up to three feet of snow was deposited in some coastal mountain areas.

...2005... For the 15 day period starting back on December 27th, Los Angeles, California recorded 16.97 inches of rain -- its greatest rainfall total in such a period. The amount exceeded the city's normal annual rainfall of 15.13 inches

...2011... Heavy snow fell across northern Alabama with 11 inches at Florence and 9 inches at Muscle Shoals. Huntsville recorded 8.9 inches for its 3rd biggest snowfall on record.

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