January 8 Weather History

...1859... This is the only day New York City's daylight temperature stayed below zero the entire day.

...1923... The all time January record high temperature reading was reached at Los Angeles when the mercury climbed to 90 degrees.

...1937... The record low temperature for the state of Nevada was set at San Jacinto when the temperature dropped to 50 degrees below zero.

...1953... A severe ice storm in the northeastern U.S. produced up to four inches of ice in Pennsylvania, and two to three inches in southeastern New York State. In southern New England the ice coated a layer of snow up to 20 inches deep. The storm resulted in 31 deaths and 2.5 million dollars damage.

...1958... The barometric pressure fell to 28.77 at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 29.13 set in 1903.

...1973... A severe ice storm struck Atlanta GA. The storm paralyzed the city closing schools and businesses, and damage from the storm was estimated at 25 million dollars. One to four inches of ice coated northern Georgia leaving 300,000 persons without electricity for up to a week. Between 7 PM and 9 PM on the 7th, 2.27 inches (liquid content) of freezing rain, sleet and snow coated Atlanta, as the temperature hovered at 32 degrees. (7th-8th).

...1987... A winter storm moving out of the Southern Rockies into the Central Plains Region produced 14 inches of snow at Red River NM, and 17 inches in the Wolf Creek ski area of Colorado. Wichita KS was blanketed with seven inches of snow.

...1988... A winter storm spread heavy snow across the northeastern U.S., with up to ten inches reported in southern New Jersey.

...1989... Strong northwesterly winds and bitterly cold temperatures prevailed in the north central U.S. Winds in the Great Lakes Region gusted to 58 mph at Chicago IL, and reached 63 mph at Niagara Falls NY. Squalls in western New York State produced 20 inches of snow at Barnes Corners and Lowville. Snow squalls in Upper Michigan produced 26 inches around Keweenaw.

...1990... High winds plagued the northwestern U.S., with the state of Oregon hardest hit. Two persons were killed in Oregon, and nine others were injured, and the high winds downed fifty-five million board feet of timber, valued at more than twenty million dollars. Winds gusted to 90 mph near Pinehurst ID, and wind gusts reached 96 mph at Stevenson WA.

...1991... The highest barometric reading of 30.95 inches was set for January at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the previous record of 30.52 set in 1986. 

...1996... 13.5 inches of snow was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the previous record of 8.3 inches set in 1923.

...2011... South Bend, Indiana was buried under 26 inches of snow from lake effect snow squalls, including 6 inches in one hour, for its greatest daily snowfall on record. 36.6 inches fell over a two day period for its greatest two day snowfall on record as well

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